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Sarah JonesJan 14 2022, 9:08amHay there everyone, hope your all off to 2022 with a running start. I have a query. Does anyone on here know more sites / companies that record challenges? I only know of two.. FKT - Which being a back of the pack runner isn't for me (well done to all that have managed this) .
And a great new site "Irish mountain Challenges". But i just would like to know is there many other sites out there for taking record of a Challenge i should know about before attempting?
Thank You
Dara O'BrienJan 14 2022, 9:30amHi Sarah,

Regardless of pace, the FKT site is still well worth considering. There are plenty of routes that are not on there at all so you can register the route yourself and then go and run it. There's a dual benefit to that as;

1) You get to publicise lesser known routes and encourage others to give them a go; and

2) You will be the official FKT holder on those routes until someone else decides to take it on and is able to beat your time.