Irish Mountain
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Michael FoleyJan 6 2022, 1:55pmHi, I have paid my membership and this is registered in my purchase history and the fee has been taken from my bank account but I have not been given a race number, not do I appear on this year's runners list. Obviously this is not an emergency or life-threatening but if someone has time to take a look I'd be very grateful. Thanks and Happy New Year to one and all.
Laura FlynnJan 6 2022, 2:12pmHi Michael, if you log in and click on the ‘“my profile” tab on the top left hand corner of the home page this should give you your details including your 2022 number which you’ll collect at the first race you attend this year.
I see two Michael Foleys are registered for 2022.
Michael FoleyJan 6 2022, 8:37pmAll good now, thanks.