Irish Mountain
Running Association


Darren MooneyJan 3 2022, 5:56pmI can't seem to buy membership online keeps failing any ideas why ?
I've tried a few different cards still no Joy
Patricia RyanJan 3 2022, 5:58pmPay particular attention to the format of the phone number. The pipe | symbol is very important. Follow the instructions on the payment page closely.
Seán ManningJan 3 2022, 6:01pmSame for me. Theres a note that its phone number but format provided isnt working for me. Can anyone who registered successfully provide an example of mobile format needed
Joseph BoyleJan 3 2022, 6:04pmDarren, I just put some information in the forum headed Howth Winter and this should help you.
Seán ManningJan 3 2022, 6:07pmI typed in all the info instead of auto populate and it went through ok
Darren MooneyJan 3 2022, 10:12pmI got sorted thanks. where can I purchase race vouchers?
Joseph BoyleJan 3 2022, 10:57pmDarren, vouchers are suspended due to COVID protocols. You have to sign up for individual races.