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Joseph BoyleJan 3 2022, 5:52pmThe first race of the 2022 WSL League is just over two weeks away and I'd just like to highlight a few issues that normally arise for new members. Registration normally opens 2 weeks before the race is scheduled. To register for the race you must first become an IMRA member for 2022 and you can do this now. Signing up has been causing a few issues over the last year or so, therefore the following are a couple of links that should explain why you're having a problem.
Another problem has been signing up Juniors and the following link to a previous forum point should help with this.
A couple of other points that are usually issues that should help new members.
1. When you register, you get a number that you use for the whole of 2022 and you can collect it at the first race you attend. If you need to replace this you will have to purchase a replacement.
2. Existing members will already have a timing chip, however new members will receive one at their first race of the year, this chip will be necessary at all Leinster races and you keep this chip for good and every year it's linked to your new number. Again if you need a replacement you have to purchase it on the website.
3. You must carry a weatherproof jacket for each race and at present you must wear a mask at registration, at the race start and for the first 100 meters as well as at the race finish.
Christopher HeatherJan 10 2022, 2:48pmHas the event registration opened yet? cant seem to see the online entry
Joseph BoyleJan 11 2022, 12:34pmChristopher, it hasn't opened yet, it's usually a week before the event.
Joseph BoyleJan 13 2022, 9:11amThanks to everyone who volunteered to date, there's been a great response, given that this is the first race in the Dublin/Wicklow calendar. However due to the nature of the course we could do with 2 or 3 additional volunteers. So if you're carrying an injury or had too much to eat over the Christmas holidays put your name down now.
Avril ChallonerJan 13 2022, 3:08pmI'm one of those nursing an injury (broken leg!) but am back walking again and should be able to drive from tomorrow pending an xray. I hope to be able to volunteer so have put my name down but will retract it if I can't.
Joseph BoyleJan 13 2022, 3:32pmThanks Avril, you'll be glad to get off the Turbo Trainer. Can you let your club know about the race, my message to them bounced back. No problem I understand if you can't make it.
Avril ChallonerJan 13 2022, 4:16pmI'll let them know! I am only dying to get off that turbo trainer and get back running. Can't happen soon enough.
John MolloyJan 13 2022, 5:09pmHi Joseph,

If you still need helpers for Howth, I can be there.
John Molloy
Margaret DesmondJan 13 2022, 5:19pmI can also help out no probs
Andrew HanneyJan 13 2022, 5:59pmAnyone volunteering needs to go the event page and click on the volunteer options at the bottom of the page.
Joseph BoyleJan 13 2022, 9:06pmThanks again to everyone who volunteered, we have enough now. Please look to the next races if you intend to volunteer.
Brendan PollardJan 15 2022, 6:33pmHi Joseph.

Do you expect to open up registration for Howth this weekend?

Alan AylingJan 15 2022, 6:56pmWord on the street is entries will open Tuesday
Brendan PollardJan 15 2022, 7:02pmthanks.
Joseph BoyleJan 20 2022, 12:05pmA couple of points I've been asked to clarify by the committee prior to the race on Saturday.

Novak Djokovic might get away with it as we're not checking COVID certs, however if you're not familiar with IMRA's social distancing protocols, please note the following.

“If you haven’t already done so already please familiarise yourself with the Social- Distancing Protocols on the website before entering or attending this event. Please note requirements for face-coverings at registration, finish and for the first 100m of the race.”

The following is a copy of a post last year from Miriam Maher the Junior Affairs Officer and in particular I'd like to highlight the fact that under 10's must be accompanied by an adult.

As we look forward to the first of the races for 2021, a quick reminder about the different age categories and applicable racing distances for Juniors in IMRA.

1. Minimum age* to take part in an IMRA race: 6

2. Juniors under the age of 10 must be accompanied on the race
route by a guardian or parent

3. Age classes/race distances:

• Under 10 [6-9] – accompanied on the course by
parent/guardian – distances up to 5k

• Under 14 – [10-13] – distances up to 5k

• Under 16 – [14-15] – distances up to 7k

• Under 18 – [16-17] – distances up to 10k

*Age – the age the runner is by the 31st December of the relevant year is the applicable age for races during that year


Results and Prizes

There will be a M/F Junior prize available to Juniors who come first in the short courses of any race. Juniors racing the full race distances of any IMRA race will not be eligible for an age category prize unless there were no juniors racing the short course of that race event.

Any questions on the above, email me at


Andy McGeadyJan 21 2022, 9:33amHi folks. First timer here. What's tomorrow's course like in terms of terrain? Road/path/rock/muck?
Joseph BoyleJan 21 2022, 10:17amAndy, it's mainly trail with a small bit of rock and a small bit of soft ground at the start and in the last few hundred metres. The rock is all climb so not really a problem.
Andy McGeadyJan 21 2022, 10:40amThanks Joseph. Looking forward to it.
Esther LawlorJan 21 2022, 11:58amThanks for terrain update. Do you think trail runners then or normal runners? Thanks again
Alan AylingJan 21 2022, 1:34pmNormal runners would do if they're all you have. Trail runners recommended though, especially for the latter stages of the course. One bit close to the end might be just a teeny weeny bit slippery ;-)
Jeff SwordsJan 21 2022, 2:24pmA reminder about registration.

Visit the laptop with your tag after collecting your number, be the tag one that you already have from previous years, or one you were just given. It will need to be assigned to your new race number. If you don't, it won't register on the finish mat.

And make sure the tag is on your shoe. It won't be read if it's in a pocket, bag, on a top etc.

And after the race, keep your race number and tag, both are assigned to you for the year.

Joseph BoyleJan 21 2022, 2:30pmA quick note on parking tomorrow.
Deer Park have given us the bottom half of the Golf Club car park. There will be marshals on duty, but if you could park as tight together as possible that would be appreciated. They have requested that no one parks on the roadways or on any of the grass verges. If the car park fills up we can overflow to the grounds in front on the castle (just across from the race start), however we must not use the roadway down the side of it.
Samantha O CarrollJan 21 2022, 5:04pmHi just wondering for people arriving via public transport if there will be a storage area for gear (extra layers post run etc) during the event?
Joseph BoyleJan 21 2022, 6:50pmSamantha, there's no specific area, however there'll be a team of volunteers at the start and finish and we can keep an eye on any gear left for the race period.
Leo MacAmhlaoibhJan 21 2022, 6:58pmI've registered this account for my son who wants to run tomorrow and tried pay membership and race fee but not possible. Keep getting different error messages even using different cards.

Now I see entry closed so I can't pay or register. Is there another way?
Joseph BoyleJan 21 2022, 8:25pmLeo, I'm sorry when the system closes the race there is nothing I can do, it all relates to insurance requirements. I hope this doesn't put you or your son off looking at future races. Also if you look through the forum you'll see lots of explanations on how pay for races on the system. It's usually got to do with the phone number format and the dreaded pipe symbol. Phone number format 353|871234567. If you autofill it removes the pipe symbol. I hope this helps and you're more than welcome to drop out tomorrow to see what the races are like.
John GreeneJan 22 2022, 1:27pmthanks to Joseph and his helpers for today's race... nice to get out and blow off some steam again!
Brian McGuckinJan 22 2022, 1:49pmGreat race today! I could do with more volunteers for next week at brockagh ,
a laptop operator is needed and maybe a baker to make some delicious cakes,
sign up now to avoid disappointment!!!!
Andy McGeadyJan 22 2022, 2:44pmThanks To all the organisers and volunteers. A great first day out and looking forward to the next.
Conall FinnJan 22 2022, 3:03pmJody, Dan and organisation team, well done and well run all the racers.
It was an enjoyable course with plenty of Marshalls to keep us in the right track and you even managed to get NEPHIT to coordinate the reopening of catering facilities, to make it well worth the effort.
The IMRA buns at the finish were a touch of class, whoever had that bright idea deserves some praise.
Eric MurrayJan 22 2022, 3:04pmFirst race for me too , very enjoyable.
Thanks to all Marshalls /and organisers
Nicoline GreerJan 22 2022, 4:07pmHi there,

I hope it's okay to post this here and if not, admins please delete, or I can delete.

I really enjoyed my first IMRA race this morning in Howth - thanks so much to all the organisers and marshalls. Looking forward to running with you all again in the future!

I'm posting as there are developers seeking to build on the land where the race was held this morning.

The land - 470 acres which includes the castle, the demesne and the whole hill that we ran on, also Ireland's Eye was previously in the hands of the same family for the last almost 600 years. The whole lot was sold to a company called Tetarch in 2018.

Howth has been protected for a number of years by a Special Amenity Order which prevents development (this order was awarded after a campaign by locals in the 80s). Tetarch are now seeking to rezone the land so that they can build on the land. The initial plan is to build housing on the field area where we began the race today.

I'd be so grateful if you would consider signing the following petition if you would like to help to preserve Howth for all of us!

Thanks you and thanks again for a super race!
Laura FlynnJan 22 2022, 7:23pmWell done and thanks to Joe, Dan and your team today on a superbly organised race. You even managed to have the big rock placed in the middle of the field for the pre-race briefing.
Lovely to catch up with everyone afterwards for coffee and cake. Lots more of that from now on hopefully.
Phil behanJan 22 2022, 8:20pmThanks to Jody, Dan and everyone for a brilliant race today. I was leading the Raheny Shamrock juniors today and they loved all the encouragement they got shown by the all the senior runners today !! Amazing event fair play to all involved.
Joseph BoyleJan 22 2022, 9:22pmA big thank you to all the volunteers for their dedication in putting on a great event in Howth today. It's a team event and it makes the Race Director's job easy when you have a brilliant team looking after everything. From the marking, parking, registration, laptop, marshaling and de-marking, I hope I haven't forgotten anyone.
Joseph BoyleJan 25 2022, 11:29amI've re-uploaded Dan Geelon's photos on the site and the orientation is now correct.