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Ballyhoura Winter Moonlight Challenge

Daithi de BaróidJan 1 2022, 11:55pmpayment help
I'm trying to pay using my Australian card/address/mobile but the page is not accepting either the phone number or country.
can anyone please assist?
Monika TupaJan 2 2022, 8:59amMorning
I have same problem. Can't pay membership or entry fee . Telling me pending since 5pm yesterday. I'd like to enter before sold out please . I tried my cards 10x over .
Pól Ó MurchúJan 2 2022, 9:16amHi guys, the problem is with the phone number. Needs to be in the format specified on the payment page. 353|871234567 this is the correct format Where 353 is the country code followed by “the pipe” | and the number without the leading 0.
Daithi de BaróidJan 2 2022, 9:41amhi Pol
in my case I'm putting
but I'm getting the error
"Invalid length for HPP_BILLING_COUNTRY field. Please contact the merchant."
Yvonne WalshJan 2 2022, 1:27pmHi it's asking me to add my imra membership to purchase ballyhoura. I've already paid and did bweeng but they had to give me a temporary number. Can you sort it? Thanks Yvonne
Pól Ó MurchúJan 2 2022, 3:48pmHi Yvonne, that should be ok now. Hi Daithi, that error would indicate the problem is with the country. The number is generally the most important and the main reason for failing payments. The format you have given here is correct. You could try leaving the country as Ireland and that may work.
Rory O DonovanJan 2 2022, 4:49pmHey, when you have a chance someone please check whether I'm included in the start list. The race is included in my purchase history and I have been charged, however I didnt receive a confirmation email. The race is also still listed in my online shop. Thanks a million, Rory.
Daithi de BaróidJan 2 2022, 5:50pmhi pol
got an Irish account to register me so hopefully I'm now on the start list.
is it possible to see a course map?
Sean CollierJan 3 2022, 1:36pmHi Pol
Quick question before I enter. What kind of terrain is this on?
Off trail, trails, paths? I haven't done a night race before and
don't want to be tumbling around the mountain all night.
Patricia RyanJan 3 2022, 2:48pmSean, if you have ran trails at night before then you should be ok. It might not be suitable for someone who has no night trail running experience. The route is rough and technical in places with trail, fireroad and a bit of tarred road too.
Ciaran DineenJan 4 2022, 8:42amHello.
Are hiking poles permitted for this event?

Thank you
Martin MullaneJan 4 2022, 10:02amHi guys - had similar issues with registering and just see that both my membership and the race fee were taken twice. Anyone know what I can do about that?
Robbie WilliamsJan 4 2022, 10:27amPoles are welcome if you wish to use them.

Re: payment issues please read forum thread called Registration Difficulties

Signed up more than once ? Please contact pol;
pol dot omurchu at imra dot ie
Matthew BranchJan 4 2022, 11:49amRoute details can be found here:
Alexander MuhlwaldJan 5 2022, 10:06amHi Guys,
I really enjoyed this event in the previous years, just surprised the Marathon distance isn’t on offer this year.
Robbie WilliamsJan 5 2022, 12:39pmHello Runners

We will be closing this event either in 2 days or when quota reached whichever is sooner .

Please no asking for late entries or names on list.

Enter now if intending to run please .

Thank you

See you all in 10 days

Runners will receive a detailed email a few days before event.
Daryl MossopJan 7 2022, 8:47amThis closed or full? Says 196 entries but getting an error
Pól Ó MurchúJan 7 2022, 10:25amCloses tonight. Still some entries available. Should have been opened for 230. Increased there now.
Martin MullaneJan 7 2022, 4:23pmPol, could you come back to me on the double payment - I emailed you on
Pól Ó MurchúJan 7 2022, 5:07pmHi Martin,
That's not the correct email address but I have you on my to do list. Will hopefully get to have a look at it over the weekend. I was already notified of the error. Back to the day job this week and flat out...
James HeggieJan 9 2022, 5:21pmJust wondering if there will be an early start on race ?
Robbie WilliamsJan 9 2022, 5:30pmYou can James

I think a few starting about 6-6:30pm

You need to let us know when you are leaving halll
brian clearyJan 12 2022, 12:54pmHi
Looking to get an early start, is this possible?
Robbie WilliamsJan 12 2022, 2:04pmThat’s no problem

Make sure you let the registration know when you are leaving and when you return

A few are starting approx 6:30
brian clearyJan 12 2022, 10:16pmGreat thanks
Maura O'SullivanJan 13 2022, 10:41amHi

Has the email with the relevant information gone out yet?. I dont seem to have received any further info since entry>
Robbie WilliamsJan 13 2022, 11:34amNope it will be out this evening
Kenny WardJan 13 2022, 1:25pmHi, unfortunately covid has hit our house, is it possible to transfer this ticket to another event later in the year,
Thanks Kenny.
Robbie WilliamsJan 13 2022, 9:19pmUnfortunately IMRA has a strict no refund no transfer policy.
Niall LagrueJan 14 2022, 8:57amHi Race Director/Deputy,

I would like to take an early start time. Is that acceptable? Is the early start 6.30pm, please confirm?

Shane O'NeillJan 14 2022, 9:12amI've had no email yet, has it been sent?
Robbie WilliamsJan 14 2022, 11:50amYes email went out last night. Please check junk mail.

Niall yes early start 6:30pm please come to desk or Paul Carroll before setting out (after registration)
Shane O'NeillJan 14 2022, 12:00pmStill nothing, could you send it again please
Rory O'TooleJan 14 2022, 12:45pmFor information: message to me was moved to spam, so recommend check there.
Shane O'NeillJan 14 2022, 1:14pmThanks Rory got sorted
DJ O'SullivanJan 14 2022, 1:51pmI've entered this but can't make it (achilles acting up). Do I have to notify anyone or will the fact that I don't sign in/register suffice?
Kenny WardJan 14 2022, 2:48pmRobbie, well maybe the policy could be a bit more flexible especially in covid times.
Robbie WilliamsJan 14 2022, 5:44pmI have no say over this I’m afraid.
Barry DrennanJan 15 2022, 9:44amThanks to Robbie, Martin and all the organizers, Race was amazing, Marking was the business!!!!
Oliver CastleJan 15 2022, 10:31amThanks to all of the organizers and helpers. That was a great race, really enjoyed the whole race and the marking was top notch. The mist on the Seefin was an added bonus :-)
Neil DawsonJan 15 2022, 12:28pmThanks all involved, well marked, and organized.
Loved the mud.
Paul CarrollJan 15 2022, 12:41pmLOST PROPERTY

Thank you everyone for the attending and making the Challenge successful.
While cleaning up last night we found a Mobile Phone.
If anyone has lost or knows someone who has lost a phone please contact me.
Samuel FoxJan 15 2022, 1:14pmHi Paul. The phone belongs to Cormac Killeen if he has been in touch already. Many thanks for all the great organisation...great event.
Raymond CumminsJan 15 2022, 2:05pmThanks Robbie, and everyone involved last night. :-) As always it was so well organised and marked out and also everyone that volunteered. :-)
kieran o sullivanJan 15 2022, 3:29pmthanks all-lovely event, marking and marshalling was super.
Declan CunninghamJan 16 2022, 11:17amMassive thanks to everyone involved in making this event happen. Brilliantly organised, loved it!
Margaret DesmondJan 16 2022, 12:57pmThanks to all that were involved in the organizing and running the event. Great course, great weather, fab running community :-)
Cora FentonJan 16 2022, 2:49pmThank you for a fab run on Friday night. It was so well organised and it was my first night run and i couldnt get over how well the route was signposted and marshelled with everyone is great form. it was a super experience, Thank you everyone.
Brian FlannellyJan 16 2022, 7:44pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Paul CarrollJan 16 2022, 7:51pmThank you everyone for the kind words of praise.
Raymond CumminsJan 16 2022, 8:28pmAs much as I appreciate the fact it looks good in the stats here I actually finished an hour later as I started an hour earlier. :-) I don't see Georges name on the list. We both finished at the same time. Thanks!!!
Cyril FogartyJan 16 2022, 9:06pmI also started an hour earlier, but if the time is slow don't worry about it.
Pádraig WallaceJan 17 2022, 10:02amGood morning, Well done on the organisation of a great race. My result is not displayed on the table of results. If you could add my time and place to results I would be most appreciative. Thank you. Pádraig Wallace M35 IMRA No. 582
Barry McEvoyJan 17 2022, 8:03pmRace report up. Slightly different one this time.

Thanks Paul, Robbie and the whole crew. Best Friday night I had in a while :)
John ODonnellJan 18 2022, 11:49amIt was my first time out so I also did a report from that perspective. What a super event and thanks to everyone involved.
Barry McEvoyJan 18 2022, 1:41pmGreat Report John, very funny the bit about mistaken identity and great result for your first race. Not an easy one to start with either!!
Martin MullaneJan 20 2022, 8:51amPol / Robbie. Any update on my double payment of entry and registration? Is there someone I can contact direct or can contact me direct?
Grzegorz KiedaApr 16 2022, 10:53pmJust wondering if this year race did gain any ITRA points like last year ??
Ronan McCarthyNov 14 2022, 12:47pmHi, just wondering does anyone know yet if this even is going to be on the 2023 calendar? Thanks!
Patrick KissaneNov 14 2022, 3:52pmJanuary 6th if I remember. I'd wait for it to be official tho.
Ronan McCarthyNov 14 2022, 4:03pmThanks Patrick.
Robbie WilliamsNov 17 2022, 6:22pmHello all

Yes indeed

Friday 6th January for the Winter Moonlight Challenge

28km route

No restrictions on numbers but won’t open for registration until after the last race of the year
Robbie WilliamsDec 6 2022, 9:15pmHi Runners

This event is open from tonight midnight.

Event is 28km long approx and will be held on Friday full moon 6th January. Price is €30 and includes hot food and dessert afterwards, tea and coffee, beer and event beanie. Hope ye can all make it !

Make sure to purchase a 2023 number in advance of event purchase!
Robbie WilliamsDec 18 2022, 6:36pmThis event is now half full

We will take 200 runners

Make sure to book soon if ye wish to do it lads.

Have a great Xmas holidays