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Bweeng NEW YEARS DAY Trail Run

Robbie WilliamsDec 20 2021, 10:51amHello All

Entries are now open for Bweeng on New Years Day !
Niamh AbeytaDec 29 2021, 6:42pmSo I purchased my annual membership, and also an entry for the Bweeng trail race, but I have received no email confirmation for either. However, they are in "my purchase history". Can you take a look for me please? Thanks a million.
liz dwyerDec 29 2021, 7:17pmNiamh, mine went into my junk mailbox, might be worth a look.
Niamh AbeytaDec 29 2021, 8:07pmThanks Liz! Forgot to check there. All sorted
Niall O'CeallaighDec 30 2021, 10:50amHi guys I'm available on the day if you need a volunteer. I see plenty of helpers at the moment but just let me know. Thanks
Mariusz LuczakDec 30 2021, 11:48amThanks Niall, we still have few volunteer jobs to fill in. Could you please put your name as volunteer on race webpage and I'll contact you later today.
Michael BligheDec 30 2021, 7:20pmHi,

Just wanted to check - I have two entries in My Purchase History for this race. I haven't seen the charge come through on the card yet, so don't know if that went through once or twice?

It did freeze the first time I tried to enter - I didn't get a payment successful message or confirmation email, so did it again and it all worked.


Ciaran DineenDec 30 2021, 8:27pmHello all,
I signed up for IMRA today for the first time and Bweeng on Saturday will be my first ever IMRA run. I just have a few beginner Qs

Will my race bib/number be provided on the morning at registration?

What do I need to bring anything for registration on the morning?

Do we need to learn the route or will it all be marked out?

Any recommendations with regards to gear/equipment?

Thank you very much
Michael McSweeneyDec 30 2021, 9:49pmHi Ciaran,
Welcome to IMRA.
Your IMRA number for 2022 will ba available for collection at race registration. Give plenty of time to sign in and collect your number as it will be pretty busy.
Maybe have your confirmation email at hand and if you know your number it will make things easier for the volunteers.
The route will be marked and there will be a briefing before hand, so no need to know the route.
All runners will need a waterproof jacket for the duration of the race. This is compulsory.
A face covering should be worn at race registration, at the race start, and at the race finish.
Wear grippy runners. I wouldn't recommend road shoes.
Finally, go out as hard as you can, as fast as you can, for as long as you can. ;-)
All the above info is applicable to most of the IMRA races, if there is anything specific for Bweeng, I'm sure Mariusz and the lads will fill you in.
Enjoy the race.
Mariusz LuczakDec 31 2021, 5:19amI wouldn't say that better Michael :)
Bweeng course is usually wet in places, but after recent continuous rains it is a real mud fest. I would recommend to wear the most grippy shoes you have.

Thanks for entering our race and I hope you'll enjoy running it.

Mariusz, RD
Mariusz LuczakDec 31 2021, 5:30amMichael Blighe, I can see that you entered the race and it's one entry.
I don't really have access to financial details, please let us know again if you were charged twice.
See you tomorrow in Bweeng.

Robbie WilliamsDec 31 2021, 2:33pmREMINDER FOR ALL RUNNERS.

With current number so high we are being very strict on face covering tomorrow.

Face covering must be put on at sign in, at race start 100m until turn onto path, and on crossing finish line.

Any runner not following guides will be subject to disciplinary action (will be DNFd).

Please make it easier for everyone by all following these simple guidelines.

Thank you.

Ps: new runners note it is mandatory in all imra races to carry a jacket with you at all times.

I hope you all enjoy your day and here’s to a great start to 2022 season.

Thank you
Michael CaseyDec 31 2021, 2:36pmHi.I registered for it this Morning and for annual membership But I not received any confirmation email for either and i have checked my junk emails aswell .However, they are in "my purchase history". Can you take a look for me please
Michael BligheDec 31 2021, 2:49pmHi Mariusz,

Thanks - looking forward to tomorrow’s race. The muddier, the better!

I was charged twice - can you donate the extra 7 to mountain rescue?


Robert CunninghamDec 31 2021, 5:32pm@Michael Casey, you are not on the list of registered runners. Did you purchase using your profile?
Michael CaseyDec 31 2021, 5:50pmYes I did. I logged in to it
Brendan LynchDec 31 2021, 5:53pmHi Mike

I only signed up for the race today and also joined up Imra for 2022.
I got an email confirmation see below fir details. Hope this is OK.

Brendan Lynch

Thank you for your recent purchases at IMRA.
You can view details of the items bought in your MyIMRA account on the IMRA website.
The total payment amount was 17. Your Payment ID is 48130.
This Payment ID may be quoted as a payment reference number in the event of any problems with online payments.
Below are the details of Item(s) purchased:
Event Entry for Bweeng Trail (7 Euros)
IMRA Annual Membership for 2022, Race Number 569 (10 Euros)
Mariusz LuczakDec 31 2021, 6:19pmMicheal, I can see you are on race entries list. Is your new number 581?
Declan CunninghamJan 1 2022, 3:19pmMassive thanks to organisers and volunteers this morning. Great start to the new year!
Hazel stapletonJan 1 2022, 7:19pmAgreed, a great start to 2022. Many thanks to the organisers, a worthy event
liz dwyerJan 1 2022, 11:11pmHey I did bweeng today number 406, first thanks so much! I think I was down for the short course but I actually did the long course! Does that make a difference to the reaunt image does anyone know? otherwise it will look like I crawled the 4km
Brian ByrneJan 2 2022, 12:27pmThank you Mariusz for a great day out at Bweeng and a big shout out to all the volunteers for all the encouragement
Mariusz LuczakJan 2 2022, 12:29pmHi Liz,
Yes, we know you did full distance and you are in results for main race. Well done on doing that, it's not an easy one.