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Fake Inov8 Ireland website

Richard LeahyDec 17 2021, 10:29amIf you do a Google search for 'Inov8' the first result returns, Even though it is a paid Google Ad link and has a valid https cert, it is a criminal site trying to steal your money. It looks exactly like the .com site but all the prices were too good to be true so I contacted Innovate via their .com/ site and they responded to tell me the Ireland site is a scam operation they are attempting to get shut down.
Pól Ó MurchúDec 17 2021, 11:29amSome good deals there though :-)
Conor O'FarrellDec 17 2021, 12:55pmSuper! Thanks for the link Richard! ;-)

Seriously though, I hope you didn't get stung.
Richard LeahyDec 17 2021, 2:27pmDidn't get stung but stupidly had inputted my details (non-financial) before I realised all the items on the site had big discounts
Dean NooneyDec 17 2021, 2:42pm3 weeks ago I paid for 3 pairs of hoka recovery sliders for xmass gifts on what looked like a light site hoka ireland, just found out I was scammed and the discount wasn't massive, pretty muck what they are on sale for now so please beware
Dean NooneyDec 17 2021, 2:43pm(Much)
Jeff SwordsDec 17 2021, 4:19pmNo contact details and every word capitalised in their shipping and returns section is enough for the Grammar Police to kick in doors and crack some heads.

As to the type of website the fraudsters previously hosted, or stole the format from...
"All Body Piercing Is Dispatched In Clear Plastic Bags And Sealed".

A nice spin off with what to do with the extra gpaphene studs maybe?
Ray LonerganJan 20 2022, 9:02pmLooks like there may be another possible fake Inov8 website called It looks convincing but prices too good to be true.