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Payment issues

Olivia GalvinNov 2 2021, 12:05pmHi there,
I've tried repeatedly to pay online for membership and the womens night run, payment not accepted regardless of how I input my phone number, same errror occurs - great if someone can assist.
Thanks in advance,
Brendan MeehanNov 2 2021, 1:13pmHi Olivia,

I had the same problem last week.
You need to add the vertical line like the example. I think it was between the 087 and the rest of the number like one of these |
I just copied and pasted it in.
Kelleher DonieNov 3 2021, 1:03amHi Olivia
If you have entered everything correctly I am assuming you missed the membership deadline of October 31st.
Patricia HannonNov 3 2021, 8:35amHi there, I am registering for an event. Is there still an issue with using Bank of Ireland cards for payment? Thanks
Olivia GalvinNov 3 2021, 9:23amThank you Brendan, that worked eventually! Hi Donie, thank you for your response also, however there wasn't any issue with membership deadline, it's the format to enter phone number that appears to be a recurring issue.
Looking forward to the event. Olivia
Alice ClancyNov 3 2021, 10:30amGlad you got sorted Olivia! It's shaping up to be a lovely event!

@Patricia, there is no issue with using BoI cards for payment (I used one there this morning) - follow the IMRA payment instructions closely, and have a look at both of these previous forum threads:

The most common reason for difficulties processing payment seems to be not including the pipe symbol '|' in the phone number. Hope you get sorted!
Alan AylingNov 3 2021, 1:21pm2021 will forever be remembered as The Year Of The Pipe
I know of one IMRA member who had a load of trouble trying to pay for Powerscourt Ridge, despite the phone number format being correct. Tried different browsers, still didn't work. Tried on a different computer and it worked fine. Stupid bloody things, computers.
Con HalpinNov 3 2021, 1:27pmHey Alan,
Whats the story with the entries for the powerscourt run on Saturday, the entries appear to be closed a day early,
Any ideas, thanks anyway
Alan AylingNov 3 2021, 8:15pmHey Con,
Looks like it got closed early by mistake - open again now.
Lindsey HeppenstallNov 3 2021, 9:09pmSadly its not taking payment again :(
Jeff SwordsNov 3 2021, 9:29pmIt doesn't appear in the events to purchase page (If it's Powerscourt you're talking about) so the entry link from the event page itself is probably dead or something.
James Ultan O'NeillNov 4 2021, 9:51pmHi,
on monday i signed up for the Glanageenty 9km run, it's showing as paid in "My Purchase History" within my IMRA account but i have not recieved a confirmation email as of yet?

is there something i need to do?

Fergus OFarrellNov 4 2021, 9:55pmTake a look in your spam folder.
Sometimes the confirmation emails get sent there. You normal get the email within a few minutes of a purchase.