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2021 Membership closing 31 Oct ?

Garret TaylorOct 30 2021, 7:29pmHi
I see on the entries page 2021 membership closes midnight 31st October.
Is that the case ?
- Garret
Adam MulleryOct 31 2021, 1:44pmI am wondering the same must I sign up before deadline tonight to be able to sign up for paddock lake on the 27th
Lillian DeeganOct 31 2021, 3:05pmHi Adam & Gareth,

I’m not sure where both of you have seen a ref. to membership closing on 31.10.21 but no is the answer to your query. IMRA annual membership runs from Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st annually. So there is no mad rush to do anything by midnight tonight.

Garret TaylorOct 31 2021, 4:18pmThanks Lillian, phew :-)

The reference to 31st October closing:
on the Online Entries page the closing date for 2021 membership is shown as 31st October.
I noticed that the Carbon Offset Contribution also has 31Oct as a clsoing date too.

- Garret
Lillian DeeganOct 31 2021, 4:39pmGrand job Garret ( I see I misspelled your name last time, apologies).

I'm a current member so I can't see what you see but I trust what your saying. We'll ask one of our lads to take a look and amend the dates for the two mentioned items. Thanks for letting us know. Lillian
Pól Ó MurchúOct 31 2021, 4:45pmThat's amended now. Seems to have been an error or perhaps a misunderstanding of where membership starts and finishes when it was put up in the shop at the start of the year but membership runs per the calendar year and not the financial year which ends 31/10/2021.