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Request for Webmaster for 2022

Richard NunanOct 26 2021, 5:29pmOne of the focuses for the incoming committee will be the modernisation and migration of the IMRA website to a new platform. This means after almost 12 years on the back of the great work of many over the years we will be doing a complete upgrade and consolidation of the existing functionality. The evolution of the website in its current state has meant that it has become a very labour intensive activity in terms of ongoing management and is prohibitive to other IMRA committee members being able to share this workload.

The modernisation of the IMRA website will require both a commercial investment and of course a people investment from our fellow committee members. With the AGM approaching in just under 3 weeks we would like to put a request out to the membership for a Webmaster that has experience in coordinating such activities. Our plan is to form a Technical subcommittee who will meet on a monthly basis. So we would like to get on board a web master that may have had a similar experience and would be willing to help us achieve this ambition. If there is anyone that would be interested in this role or would like to discuss further, please send an email to Laura or myself. Details on the committee link at end of page.
Laura FlynnOct 27 2021, 11:54amRichard's post wouldn't be complete without an acknowledgement by me on behalf of the Committee and the membership generally of the tremendous work put in by our most recent Webmaster, Jason Dowling.
Jason stepped into the role fully aware of what might be involved and we're grateful for the energy and commitment he brought to it.
Aside for his work with the website itself, he also spent a huge amount of time on the training in and implementation of the chip timing system.
The countless hours he has given to the website migration project will allow his successor to bring it forward in 2022 with the added help of the technical sub-committee Richard refers to in his earlier post.
Were very lucky to have had the benefit of his knowledge and expertise, not to mention his constant dry wit, over the past few years.
Thank-you Jason from all of us.
Jeff SwordsOct 27 2021, 11:58amAbsolutely, Jason has done a massive amount of work over the years in this area, fair pay.
Brendan LawlorOct 27 2021, 1:13pmWell done and thank you to Jason and Kevin O Riordan before him for the trojan work done on our website and associated IT issues. Many , many hours of under the bonnet work, largely unseen by the IMRA masses unless they wandered into one of Kevin's forum traps ! Greatly appreciated
Warren SwordsOct 27 2021, 6:40pmJason has been unreal over last couple of years. Incredible contribution to IMRA.

We probably all owe him a pint at this stage.
Stuart ScottOct 28 2021, 6:25pmHear hear. Jason's results programme is exceptional! We wouldn't be able to handle the chip timing if it wasn't for him.

I would be happy to help out with some of the routine work on the website going forward if you're short of volunteers (I have PHP and SQL experience) but in light of the proposed development project, I think it would be better for the incoming webmaster to have IT project management skills.