Irish Mountain
Running Association


William HernonOct 22 2021, 10:20amHi,
I have been trying to pay membership for the last few days but the website will not accept any of my cards.
Can you please help?
Dave DochertyOct 22 2021, 10:41amCheck out post on the home page by Jason.
Ann Margaret LynchOct 24 2021, 10:05pmBecause of covid i am only paying registration to imra now and received a new race no so does this mean previous held numbers and chips are not to be used

Richard NunanOct 24 2021, 10:15pmHi Ann,

That's correct
Ann Margaret LynchOct 24 2021, 10:26pmThank you
Lillian DeeganOct 24 2021, 10:29pmNew race No. annually Ann. You keep the chip and present with same at any race where chip tags are in use.
Damian ConwayOct 27 2021, 12:15pmHi, I’m trying to get a membership so I can register for a race tomorrow but regardless of what bank card I use, it’s declined. I saw on the homepage there was an issue in July, does that mean no one has been able to join since? Any advice is much appreciated
Kelleher DonieOct 27 2021, 12:35pmHi Damian, I just paid my membership and it was an issue with the phone number, my "auto-fill" was changing the format of the phone number and was blocking the payment. When you enter the payment page look at the format of the number it is like 353I871234567, there is a vertical line after the 353, don't change it.
Damian ConwayOct 27 2021, 12:45pmThat did the job, thanks