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Co. Kerry, new club formation

Conor McElroyOct 16 2021, 12:31pmIn the past year it has been wonderful to be a part of a community of mountain runners, which have been such a great source of inspiration for so many of us.

From getting out on the hills, highways and byways in Munster and across Ireland, whether through lockdowns, winter, summer, solo or group runs, the wider mountain running community has provided a rich source for mountain day dreaming and plans for the future .

In the Killarney area we have been very fortunate to see an increasing group of enthusiastic Mountain runners come together regularly from the absolute beginners through to the Ultra Experts.

At this point we would like to form Kerry's Newest Sports Club in Killarney.

Our initial focus will be solely on mountain running with a view to providing regular training and races to anyone who will sign up for membership regardless of age, sex or whatever their background is.

We would like to have piece of mind that we can invite the public at large to try our sport with the piece of mind that all members are appropriately insured / indemnified and can benefit from operating under the auspices of a larger governing body.

Not being certain of how to proceed, we would like to appeal to the wider community of athletics / hiking / mountaineering groups who may be able to offer a helpful steer in the right direction.

We are inspired by the amazing work which has been carried out, particularly, in the Munster area in recent years by the likes of Mooreabbey, Bilboa, Watergrasshill, Beara, Bweeng, many other ACs and of course MMRA, who mountain running and would be very glad of advice on how to follow in your footsteps.

Please let us know what you think - post here or email me:
Andrew MendelsonOct 16 2021, 1:26pmConor, you could start by contacting Athletics Ireland if you haven't already done so.
Louise KeoghOct 16 2021, 1:41pmContact your local Regional Development Officer from Athletic Ireland (info on website) and they will take you through all the step necessary. Best of luck.
Conor McElroyOct 19 2021, 9:26amHi Andrew and Louise, thank you for the prompt response, also thanks to everyone who has gotten in touch with pointing me in the right direction.

If there are any other folk experienced in this area with some suggestions, we would love to hear from you.

We will keep you updated on progress.
Patrick HannafinOct 19 2021, 3:09pmhi name is Pat Hannafin. i'm living in Annascaul and would be interested in the killarney running club. how might i make contact about becoming a member?
Conor McElroyOct 22 2021, 12:06pmHi Patrick

Thanks so much for getting in touch, it is great to hear from you!

I have been wanting to go running in the Annascaul area for ages, it sounds brilliant!

Currently we have not formalised a club and our merely a group of individual runners casually running together each week, operating over a whatsapp group.

1. I can add you to this group.

2. if you monitor the Facebaook page for Cork and Kerry Trail runners, we post our regularly meets on there, which you will be able to see.

Please email me:

we can swap details there.

looking forward to meeting you from some wintry mountain runs Patrick!
Laura FlynnOct 23 2021, 1:34pmHi Conor, if you want to contact me over the next few days I’d be happy to explain the structure of IMRA to you and see how best you can proceed depending on what you’d like to achieve.
In brief we are the national association and have our own insurance for events we run and are largely autonomous. Anyone entering an IMRA races an IMRA member and covered by they insurance for events, including any training or social events we run.
Athletics Ireland is our governing body and many of our members are also members of Athletics Ireland through their own clubs.
If you email me with any questions I’m happy to resor chat by phone.
Conor McElroyOct 26 2021, 4:01pmHi Laura thanks for much for your response, sorry I am pnly seeing it today.

I'd be delighted to talk with you.

What is your email?


Laura FlynnOct 26 2021, 5:43pmYou’ll get me on Conor
Send me your number and I’ll give you a call
Conor McElroyOct 26 2021, 8:02pmThanks alot Laura