Irish Mountain
Running Association

Garryduff Woods, Rochestown

Brian CoughlanOct 3 2021, 9:33pmHi. What distance is the kiddie race in Garryduff. Thanks, Brian
Brian BuckleyOct 4 2021, 5:31pmHi Brian,
The kiddie race (Under 10s) will be around 1km. It will go off at 10.30am just after the Juniors set off.
Brian CoughlanOct 4 2021, 7:26pmThanks for the info Brian
Perry PowerOct 8 2021, 11:14amHi is the booking down? Thanks.
Brian BuckleyOct 8 2021, 9:13pmHi Perry,
I just checked there and it seems to be working fine. Race entry still available to purchase in the list of items available to purchase.
Iwona KelleherOct 9 2021, 3:36pmHi, any instructions for the hepers please..
Brian BuckleyOct 9 2021, 9:00pmHi Iwona,
If you can make it to the entrance barrier to the woods for 9.30 in the morning that would be great.
Iwona KelleherOct 9 2021, 9:31pmWill do...
Shane CooneyOct 10 2021, 4:37pmThanks for today for all the organising. Great course and really well marked also.
Brian FlannellyOct 10 2021, 7:45pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Brian CoveneyOct 10 2021, 10:06pmThanks to all the organisers. I run in theses woods frequently, but this mornings course was good craic - interesting to get off the main trail, and into all that mud!
Barry WalshOct 11 2021, 11:19amThanks to all for yesterdays event - Similarly I thought I knew these woods but certainly saw some some new aspects yesterday. Shout out to the committee for arranging the weather and Shep and the other dogs for doing a great job out on course.