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Credit card payment

geraldine KennyOct 1 2021, 4:06pmAny issues with payments today ? Have tried 3 different cards and bank says it's not their side ? Trying to buy entry for Sunday
Lillian DeeganOct 1 2021, 4:35pmHi Geraldine, I'm linking you in on the forum topic from yesterday.

Can you read the message from Gordon Place and try again to get your entry sorted.

Thanks, Lillian
geraldine KennyOct 1 2021, 5:12pmThanks so much Lorraine that’s done it alright
geraldine KennyOct 1 2021, 5:13pmSorry auto type I meant Lillian
Lillian DeeganOct 1 2021, 5:31pmGals to hear you are all sorted Geraldine. It’s a hat tip to Gordon really. Mucho thanks G ;)

Enjoy the outing below - race it well!
Greg O'ConnorOct 6 2021, 10:57pmHi there. I've tried multiple times to pay for membership and entry into the Halloween half but keeps failing on payment. I've tried many versions of the phone number but nothing works. Have also tried using different bank cards. Any help would be great