Irish Mountain
Running Association


Robbie WilliamsSep 17 2021, 7:30pmHi Everyone….

As we started the season late we have decided to put on another race for Halloween.

This half marathon is in Glensheskin Woods, Kilworth, Co Cork.

The race is on mainly fire road so is a fast course but there are 2-3 short sections where you probably will get a little bit muddy.

All runners will get a lovely coffee keep cup perfect to for keeping for keeping your hot drink over the coming winter.

The race is a night time run so obviously head torch is essential.

Registration open now and registration limited to 240.

See you all then !
Patrick KissaneSep 17 2021, 8:10pmAnd obviously a Halloween costume is essential!
Robbie WilliamsSep 18 2021, 8:22amOh yes

Keep it festive !!
Mary McAuliffeSep 21 2021, 3:46pmHow easy would it be for a back of the pack runner like myself to get lost?!
Robbie WilliamsSep 22 2021, 4:24pmI’m never going to say impossible as I’ve seen it all …

But if you do get lost.., we will give you a very special prize :)
Mary McAuliffeSep 24 2021, 4:04pmOh Dear God its like a challenge! Leave it to me!!