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New member chip purchase?

Liam CotterSep 7 2021, 9:46amHi, Do I need to order a chip now that I've joined or is one provided on my first race day. thanks. Liam.
Jason DowlingSep 7 2021, 10:14amHi Liam,

Only races in the Dublin/Wicklow region use chip timing. If it is your very first time attending a race within the Dublin.Wicklow region, then you will be allocated a chip at registration.

You will need to bring this chip with you for all Dublin/Wicklow races in the future. If you forget your chip for a race which uses chip timing, you will have to buy a new chip from the shop at a cost of €5.

If you are planning on races within the Dublin/Wicklow area, please see the following youtube video on how (and how not to) secure the timing chip to your runner.

Hope that helps,
Liam CotterSep 7 2021, 10:44amThanks Jason,

That's perfect.