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Card Payment Difficulty

Aidan HoganSep 3 2021, 11:10amHi there, I have tried multiple times to pay for Glengarra Woods entry but after entering card details it will not redirect me to the bank (PTSB) verification page. Any suggestions?
Aidan HoganSep 3 2021, 11:24amFalse alarm. I read the instructions PROPERLY this time and put the phone number in correctly!
Stephen MurphySep 18 2021, 5:29pmI've tried countless times to enter the Halloween race. It keeps refusing to take my money. I tried every variation of my phone number with no success.
Kevin BroughtonSep 18 2021, 6:01pmStephen try the format mentioned in this earlier discussion
Laura FlynnSep 18 2021, 7:07pmIf you’re still not sorted Stephen, the simple correction of getting rid of the space in my phone number worked for me ie the space between the 087 part and the 7 digit number itself.
If still not working I recommend coming at it again with a fresh head in the morning and reading and following the instructions carefully.
Pádraig MuldoonSep 30 2021, 9:59pmHi,
Is any one else experiencing difficulties entering the carlingford race. I have tried multiple times during the week To register with no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated at this late stage.

Kevin McNamaraSep 30 2021, 10:03pmI can't get the payment through either. The security cert on the site has lapsed...
Jason DowlingSep 30 2021, 10:14pmThe security cert. has not lapsed and is comfortably within its expiry date. The issue appears to be related specifically to apple products. I can access the site from Samsung phone and PC via a multitude of browsers with no issues.
Pádraig MuldoonSep 30 2021, 10:22pmHi all thanks for the reply’s. it’s from a Samsung device I have tried? The issue im having is with the payment being completed, can access the site ok
Kevin McNamaraSep 30 2021, 10:23pmYes, I was using a MacBook. I got the payment through without problem on my Android phone.

Gordon PlaceSep 30 2021, 10:46pmHi Padraig,
Copied from another thread

..... but triple check that autofill hasn't changed anything even after you've manually inputting it as it can right at the end, Make sure your address matches the bank statement exactly down to UPPER & lower case, punctuation and Mr. or Miss. Even if there are mistakes on the statement, copy them.
Make sure the phone number is as required including the pipe symbol and not spaces, dashes or anything esle. This is the pipe symbol, vertical slash.... |
353|871234567. the "|" character after the "353", is not a number or letter, but the "pipe" symbol. It is normally found to the left of the "Z" key, while holding down shift, on a regular keyboard
Pádraig MuldoonSep 30 2021, 10:53pmThanks very much for all the help got sorted!
George RickardNov 1 2021, 12:51pmHi There, I'm having an issue paying for Glenageenty 1/2 marathon.
Error: 501
Message: This transaction (45720) has already been processed! If you feel this is incorrect please contact the merchant! all help appreciated
Richard NunanNov 1 2021, 1:57pmHi Folks,

Can we make sure on the Payment you check the mobile phone number format... It needs to be the following: 353|861112222

There must be | (vertical line) between the country code & mobile number.

George RickardNov 1 2021, 2:13pmThanks Richard, I am aware and have tried it but it isn't working. I have made purchases recently (HAlloween Half) with no problem. 'Payment details transmitted sucessfully to payment provider. Please see below for confirmation of payment or any relevant errors.'
Your payment was not processed. Error details are shown below: undefined

Credit Card Processing Return Information:
Gp Result: 101
Gp Status: FAILURE
Gp Result Description: Decline - Generally insufficient funds or incorrect card data supplied, for example, expiry date or security code.
Gp Transaction Id: 02dceb40-1672-4b03-8506-3a4f43f827bd
George RickardNov 1 2021, 2:20pmWell it all of a suddn worked. Not sure why as there was nothing different done but looks like I'm in.
George RickardNov 1 2021, 2:21pmWell it all of a sudden worked. Not sure why as there was nothing different done but looks like I'm in.
sheila clavinNov 1 2021, 2:52pmHaving similar issues with paying on the site now, have also entered races recently with no issue.
Barry O'NeillNov 1 2021, 3:03pmHad the same issues as above, successful at the 4th attempt.
Richard NunanNov 1 2021, 4:11pmHi Folks.

I would advise retyping - as sometimes the autofill fills in the mobile number from your Chrome history.

It needs to be the following: 353|861112222

There must be | (vertical line) between the country code & mobile number.
Richard NunanFeb 18 2022, 4:48pmHi Paul,

Work in progress. Not sure it's a fair comment!
But we will get there.

We have a new webmaster assigned and he is working through a solution.
Paul SmythFeb 18 2022, 5:26pmIt was harsh, I don't disagree, but it elicited the official response that:

1. This is a problem
2. We're looking at a fix

Whereas my previous more subtle hints went un-noticed.