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Kevin BoydSep 2 2021, 7:55amHi,

I am looking for some suggestions regarding a new running Jacket.
Looking to buy a jacket that is Light, Packs small and waterproof.

Sarah BradySep 2 2021, 9:38amSalomon Bonatti Waterproof is the best I've tried. You'll get smaller lighter jackets like the Inov8 Ultrashell that will pass mandatory kit checks for most races, but won't be much use to you training through an Irish winter. :D
Ray Chambers CurtinSep 2 2021, 9:55amFrom my experience a high end running jacket isn't worth it. My first one was from Decathlon and I got 8yrs out of it. And I still have it and it works fine for hanging off the rock face as well. If you want a good one for Summer and Winter in Ireland, try a light weight Alpine jacket. Rab Alpine jackets are great
Conor MurphySep 2 2021, 1:04pmI think it depends on what you want it for.

! like 3 or 4 hours in mountains, had an Aldi or Lidl effort for years and they are fine for showers. But I'd say I'd be fairly upset if I was 10 hours into a 24 hour ultra in them. Got a OMM Kamleika and it's very good for my uses, but they're not cheap...wait for a sale.
Jeff SwordsSep 2 2021, 1:52pmI've 2 OMM Kamleikas, a jacket and a smock, and they're excellent.

Like Conor said, not cheap, but regularly pop up at a sale price, but regardless they're worth the investment.

Buy cheap, buy often, is my experience when it comes to rain jackets.
Andrew HanneySep 2 2021, 5:00pmAgree with Jeff, get a decent one now, one you can rely on, one that will ultimately protect you if needed. I got this and its brilliant, stuffs into its own pocket and fits in my flip belt for races.

MONTANE Minimus Stretch Ultra Jacket
Eoin KellySep 2 2021, 5:51pmHi Kevin,

I did this very same dance a few months ago. Had a few windproof jackets but no packable waterproof one that i could rely on in case of emergency. I checked out all the recommendations here, all the online reviews, hours of my life wasted down a rabbit hole of lightness, performance, stretch, waterproofness, etc.

In the end I went with my head and ordered a decathlon evadict jacket for €70 odd quid and its frickin awesome.

Its probably not the most breathable jacket, or the lightest or smallest when packed down. However, given that i will almost never actually wear it while running unless i am in desperate weather or have injured myself sufficiently that i'm moving slowly enough that i'm getting cold i figured it was worth a shot at pretty much half the price of any of the fancier brands.

And I haven't been disappointed. It's very very waterproof (the print on the arm says its waterproof to 10,000 schmerbers, i have no idea what a schmerber is but 10,000 is a lot and the jacket lives up to it!). It's light enough and packs small enough (into a little stuff sack if you want) that it fits easily into my running vest (also decathlon - there's a theme here) - and comes on every trail run i do. The hood is awesome, moves with your head and doesn't flap or blow around at all.

I did a two hour run in driving rain shortly after i got it and wore the jacket, more to try it out than needing it. It was comfortable, and i was definitely drier inside than i would have been without it. Stayed warm, didn't feel overly clammy or sweaty.

In short, my personal recommendation is the decathlon one is more than good enough. Bear in mind that i haven't tried any of the fancier brands recommended above, and if i did try them i might think that this one is utter rubbish. But I'm happy with my purchase and the performance it offers.

€70 odd quid well spent IMO.

In fairness - the OMM ones do set my heart pounding with the lightness, and pack size (and price - swoon!)......... However some of the colour options i've seen are pretty retro, harking back to the 80's, and given that i was a youngster then, I have no grá to revisit those questionable styles.
Eoin KeithSep 2 2021, 5:58pmIt's good you didn't say cheap Kevin, as that makes your specs achievable!

In my opinion, you can't beat Out-dry as a waterproof material. Better than all the 3 layer membranes, and much more long-lasting and resilient. The Columbia OutDry Ex Lightweight Shell Jacket is a super lightweight waterproof trail running jacket that packs into its own pocket. The Columbia Outdry Extreme NanoLite Shell Jacket is also similarly good in a different cut.

Worth checking if any of the local B&M Outdoor shops have them in stock. If we don't support our local shops we'll regret it when they're gone!

Also, it's worth remembering that with any lightweight jacket you'll feel the cold of the rain as it hits you, since the material is so thin, even though you won't get wet. A mid-layer stops that. But it's worth remembering so your prepared for it.
Conor NolanSep 2 2021, 9:42pmCame across this while checking suggestions here -

Covers all the brands mentioned above.

[Wild Ginger Running - Best WATERPROOF JACKET for running 2020]