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Wicklow way half

Ruth O 'connellSep 1 2021, 1:22pmHi guys sorry bout late message I had fall on board walk at end of wicklow way half mile 12.30,I just want to give huge thanks to the support and help from all the imra team milk and gang special shout out to Derek who stuck by me till I got down the rest of the way the other runners who were all so helpful and kind and of course the super woman eadaoin and the amazing Stephanie and her partner who appeared out of no were who would of taught she trained in athletic first aid and got me all patched up a tetanus and few stitches later all.ok no bones broke pheeeeew bring on the next one.
Derek O KeaneSep 1 2021, 5:48pmDelighted to hear your doing well Ruth, no broken bones and looking forward to your next run
Happy days , onwards and upwards