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Wicklow 3-400m continuous Ascent

Andy DayAug 29 2021, 1:10pmHi,

Looking to find a spot in Wicklow Mtns (close to Dublin, I'm coming from northside of Dublin), where there is an easily accessible 3-500m of continuous steepish ascent. Looking for a spot where i can literally jump out of the car and start climbing. Looking for a spot like this to train for a trip in 2022.

I've been looking at Moanbane / Slisean / Black Hill from the Pollaphuca side but open to suggestions as i think access could be an issue.

Any help tips / suggestions most welcome,

Joe LalorAug 29 2021, 1:24pmHi Andy, you didn't specify if you wanted open mountain or trails. My training route has 500m of almost continuous climb but is all on track but very accessible. Start back car park Marly Park, up through Kilmacanoge Wood to Fairy Castle. Return by Wicklow Way
Andy DayAug 29 2021, 3:07pmHi Joe,

Thanks for the quick response, in my head I had open mountain, but in reality it doesn't matter.

Thanks a million for that route, it's close and ticks the box for a continuous climb!

Will be checking it out.

John J BarryAug 29 2021, 6:47pmJoe's suggestion is great. I regularly use it over winter with the head torch. I head up Kilmacanoge road through car park up to Fairy Castle and descent via Ticknock and Taylor's Lane. Starting from Taylor's you have a 1200m flat warmup before the long steady Kilmacanoge climb
Andy DayAug 30 2021, 1:55pmThanks Joe!

Will definitely be checking it out, at least over the winter I won't be the only person going up and down with a headtorch!

Graham K. BusheAug 30 2021, 3:17pmHi Andy,
You've probably twigged it already, but I'm sure Joe and John mean Kilmashogue Woods/ carpark rather than Kilmacanogue (which would be a bit of a run from Marlay Park)
However, in the area of Kilmacanogue we do have a "Hill" (as it's been called on FB) by the name of The Great Sugarloaf :)
I tried "Create a Route" on Strava and came up with one which claims to have 400m climb in 2.5km. (500m on quiet tarred road, the rest on trail and mountain.
Easy access, Just off the N11, 10 mins from the southern end of the M50.
Warren SwordsAug 30 2021, 3:42pmFernhill to Fairycastle is pretty good. 383 metres of climbing in just 3km.

Car parking at bottom, where the new Fern running track is.
Brendan Murphy72Aug 30 2021, 5:06pmIt's possible from Crone Wood to the top of Maulin too (see linked route). Looking at the map on strava, the route that I used could be shortened slightly to make it steeper.
Anthony AlexanderAug 30 2021, 5:26pmI recommend my local steep steep climb, mostly offroad. This is from Bohernabreena Reservoirs/Waterworks to Seahan:

Parking along the rural roads at the start of the above course. Or better still park at the Reservoir carpark for a 2km warmup gradually uphill:
Andy DaySep 2 2021, 4:57pmThank you all so much for sharing routes and suggestions!
Andy DaySep 12 2021, 8:25pmHi Anthony,

I did your suggested route this morning, it was perfect! Exactly the type of terrain and continuous up i was after.

One question, the route does take you through a farmyard / house, it definitely feels like private property. Have you ever had any issues or talked to the owner?

Tks, Andy