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To Hell With The Fairies Run?

Fiona SmythAug 25 2021, 11:40pmHi ,

Just checking if there's a Dublin half at start of Oct? Remember seeing it on Events a few months back & cant see it now unless the fairies are playing tricks with me!!?

Thanks ,
Lillian DeeganAug 26 2021, 5:34amHi Fiona,

We have opted not to race this one this year. With Hellfire being such a popular recreational area these days - trails are busy busy and parking is at a premium - we have changed plans.

Oct. 3rd will now have a race on about the Carlingford area. Details are being worked out at the mo.

Fiona SmythAug 26 2021, 7:37amHi Lillian,

Thanks for your reply! It's a pity but also a wise decision with how busy it is can be up there these days...