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MARK DARBYAug 24 2021, 9:56amHey Guys

Does anyone know the route for this one, or at least the starting point of the race? Might see about making it my first IMRA race but wanna find out as much as I can first :)
Gordon PlaceAug 24 2021, 10:40amHi Mark
The old carlingford route is Carlingford - Foxes Rock although that is 16km so maybe it's a new route?
If that's it, be tough enough with some nav in bad weather for a first IMRA race, assuming it won't be marked and no GPS allowed
Stuart ScottAug 24 2021, 12:54pmOr it could be the old old route of church to summit and back? The suggested route on the map followed the path which gave an easy to follow option but if I remember rightly, free route choice was allowed which made the direct option much more enjoyable! . I'm sure the RD will provide more info nearer the time.

Mark, I don't know if you're familiar with the area or what your nav ability is like but it'd be worth talking a walk up on a clear day so you can get your bearings. As Gordon says, if the Foxes Rock route is used it can be quite discombobulating between the summits if the mist is down. But don't let that put you off - once you're properly prepared, you'll definitely enjoy it!
MARK DARBYAug 25 2021, 12:22pmyeah I live in Dundalk and was doing plenty of running up around ravensdale & cooley mountains. Now there was always someone with me navigating but sure isnt that half the fun :)

Cheers guys, will do that I reckon
Lillian DeeganAug 26 2021, 8:38amThanks Gordon and Stu. Turlough is making shapes for a revised route for this one.

Mark - you’ll be grand to race Carlingford. The race route will be marked all going to plan - we won’t have it as a non GPS Champs route akin to years previous. There likely will be a long and short course. Detail is being worked on at the mo. Keep an eye on the forum here for updates.