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Ian TigheAug 21 2021, 3:52pmHI.

Apologies for "newbie" question. I'm hoping to do a run everesting in the spring and have been training with poles. Are they allowed/acceptable in the Maurice Mullins Ultra?

I've covered 50k in training but always with my "cheat sticks". I'm probably a little too reliant on them tbh.

Any guidance much appreciated.

Richard NunanAug 21 2021, 4:15pmHi Ian,

No.poles for Maurice Mullens. It will be good training for yiu to do them without.


Ian TigheAug 21 2021, 5:03pmEeek!!!

Thanks Richard.
Pól Ó MurchúAug 21 2021, 5:09pmNo Póls…that’s discrimination!
Dave DochertyAug 21 2021, 6:45pmYour right Richard...I'm sick of all these Pols coming over here....winning our races. Get your own races!!
Dave DochertyAug 21 2021, 6:45pmSorry Con.
Conor O'FarrellAug 21 2021, 7:36pm@Dave, what did I do?