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Stone Cross to Lug - Solo & Relay

Jarlath HynesAug 9 2021, 5:09pmHi all, firstly thanks for your patience in waiting for details on these races, we just got approval for the relay last week.

Please note DAY/DATE CHANGE, Saturday 11th September is now race day.
Pól & Lilian are currently sorting out deferred entries & refunds from last year.

Regarding RELAY, I know it's short notice but if anyone is interested in doing this & doesn't have a 'team', please email me with your preferred Leg & let's see if we can get a few adhoc teams together.
If anyone would like to recce a section OR if anyone would like to LEAD a recce, let's start that conversation.
The RELAY is a fantastic event; unfortunately everything is a bit 'last minute' this year, but let's give it a go & see how we get on.

Re Solo - there is a lot of overlap with other long distance events but hopefully we'll still have a worthwhile event.
John MurrayAug 11 2021, 3:49pmHi Jarlath,

Great to hear the Relay has gotten the green light. I'd highly recommend anyone who doesn't think they are up for the full solo to give a Leg or 2 of the Relay a's a cracking route/race.

Jarlath is a drop bag system in operation again like previous years or still abandoned due to Covid?
Jarlath HynesAug 11 2021, 8:06pmHi John,

I'm happy to facilitate drop-bags for pick-up at both checkpoints - usual criteria - 'appropriate' size bag, clearly labelled etc

There will be water available at both checkpoints.

I've never really thought of my 'preferred' SCL leg before but now that you've mentioned it, (and although it's a close call between Leg 2 & Leg 3), I'd probably agree with you - Gold medal for Leg 2, Silver for Leg 3 with Leg 1 getting Bronze this time.

Anyone who's even CONSIDERING running a leg, send me a mail, plenty of time to get a recce or two done...
Alice ClancyAug 11 2021, 10:08pmAh Jarlath thanks for bringing the SCTL relay back! It’s one of the best events of the year!!

If anyone is on the fence about it... try it! The recce’s are a lot of fun too.
I’m heading out to recce leg 2 on the 29th, if anyone interested in joining, you’re welcome, put a note on here or send an email to Jarlath.

Oh and the best leg is hands down leg epic slog across the bog, a climb of Lug and a lovely descent down into Fentons....
Gordon PlaceAug 11 2021, 11:26pmOne of the best races on the calendar. Whatever about the full, is pre approval really required for the relay, it was not required on either in the past, even before trackers? It shouldn't put anyone off
Lillian DeeganAug 11 2021, 11:38pmFair point Gordon - that’s amended there.
Jarlath HynesAug 12 2021, 8:10amThanks Gordon, I totally agree but I didn't want to push it given the short notice approval for the relay! :)

And thanks Lilian...
Gordon PlaceAug 12 2021, 9:28amThanks Lillian. Great to see it is on
Jarlath HynesAug 26 2021, 1:58pmEntry now open for Solo & Relay.

Plenty of interest & pre-approved for Solo.

It's not too late to sign up for Relay.
If you don't have a team & would like to run a Leg, email me (or post here) & we'll try to get you on a team.

Provisional plan for a Leg 2 recce on Sunday (29th)afternoon, very easy pace, more details soon.
Recces also planned for Sunday Sep 5th (morning).
Jarlath HynesSep 1 2021, 2:46pmIt's not too late to sign up for RELAY.....

a couple of runners still needed to complete teams.

There's a RECCE of Legs 1 & 2 planned for this Sunday morning (5th), and possibly a Leg 3 one.
All welcome.
Recce is open to anyone who can bring a positive attitude & doesn't mind being waist high* in a boghole occasionally....
a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning.

Email me if interested.

To join a team for race itself, pace is NOT an issue but you'd need to be reasonably comfortable on open mountain, (option to pair up with another runner & run Leg together also something to consider).

*slight exaggeration to make it seem more attractive, knee high is more realistic :)
Graham K. BusheSep 1 2021, 2:51pmlol
"Waist High" may not be an exaggeration... for some
just sayin'
Seán HigginsSep 1 2021, 5:50pmI'd like to join the recce on Sunday.
Jarlath HynesSep 3 2021, 7:59amRegistration closes today for Solo & Relay.

(Trackers being ordered so late entries won't be possible)
Thomas DonohoeSep 6 2021, 9:29amHi the route maps and the profiles on the event dont seem to be working?

Could someone fix the links when they get a chance please?

Barry O'NeillSep 6 2021, 9:53amHi Thomas.
The maps can also be found in the link for the race booklet.
Thomas DonohoeSep 6 2021, 12:33pmGreat thanks for response
Jarlath HynesSep 8 2021, 3:42pmWeather forecast looks good for Saturday, might be a bit 'misty' for Leg 1.

Good luck to everyone who has signed up.

And no harm to have an aul re-read of the Race Booklet, (dates/times are 2020 but the general info is accurate)
Brian hutchinsonSep 9 2021, 9:29amHello all, could I ask if anyone could give me a lift back to Dublin (or somewhere from where I make my way to Dublin) from the finish after the race on Saturday? Will of course contribute to petrol costs. I hope it’s ok ask here. I’m fully vaccinated. Thanks, Brian.
Brian hutchinsonSep 9 2021, 9:35amPS - I forgot to say alternatively I am happy to do a car drop at Fentons today or tomorrow if anyone wants to share in that plan - thanks again.
Jarlath HynesSep 9 2021, 6:37pmTracker link sent by email to all runners.

If you've haven't received it, get in touch please.
Graham K. BusheSep 10 2021, 3:23pm@ Brian, are you on messenger? Graham
Jarlath HynesSep 10 2021, 9:46pmTracker link for Saturday's race
John MurraySep 11 2021, 10:55pmA big thanks to Jarlath and all Volunteers for an excellent race today. It’s a long day for all, so my appreciation for giving up your time. Tks!

The best ultra open mountain race on the calendar (in my opinion) lived up to its name and as usual the craic was mighty both throughout the race and afterwards with a few pints. The dodgey weather made it even more fun, and Liam Vines was disgusted when the mist lifted at Wicklow Gap and any chances of reeling in John Bell went out the window. Liam would like the race moved to Winter next time. :)

Well done to all who lined up for both the Solo and the Relay!
Thomas DonohoeSep 12 2021, 7:15amThanks to Jarlath and team for a v enjoyable day out on leg 3

Great to participate in an IMRA event that showed the camaraderie and spirit of this wonderful club.

Big thanks to Derek who went at least 40 mins out of his way to drop us back to our digs afterwards.

Also remembered afterwards that we won the lanterne rouge!!
Jarlath HynesSep 12 2021, 8:44amThanks & congrats to everyone who ran yesterday (a deferred race & late approval for the relay made getting to the start line a little more complicated than usual).

And thanks to the volunteers who made it all happen -
Alice, Conor & Lillian for a lot of work behind the scenes before race day (organising relay teams, sorting entries etc etc)
Caroline, Michael, Alison & Alice for managing all the on-the-day logistics
John & Enda - checkpoint marshalls
Derek - photos :)

And thanks to Fenton's pub for the great support as usual.

Podium places went to
Solo 1st M John Bell, 2nd M Andy Keeling 3rd M Liam Vines
Solo 1st F Ivana Kolaríc 2nd F Maeve O'Grady
Relay 1st Clare Keeley/Orla McEvoy/Peter O'Farrell

Provisional solo times are listed in Race Report on event page.
Official times & relay times to follow.
Andy KeelingSep 12 2021, 9:34amBig thanks and appreciation to Jarlath and the team. Long day in the hills for everyone, especially the helpers standing around up at the gaps in he wet. At least the sun came out for the pints at the end. Such a good race in the calendar. I'd encourage anyone to give it a go, relay or solo.
John BellSep 12 2021, 10:06amThank you Jarlath and your team for putting this race on. It is a long day for the volunteers, so lots of kudos to you all. It was good to see a few people new to open mountain running give it a try as part of a relay team. After doing it as a relay team a few times I thought it was about time I gave the solo a go. It's a really enjoyable day on the hills and finished off with a few recovery pints in Fentons after....Spread the word for next year.
Peter O'FarrellSep 12 2021, 10:07amThanks to Jarlath and all the team who organised this event with such good humour and attitude throughout, before and during the day.
To echo the point made earlier, this is a super event with just the right amount of bowel loosening fear of getting hopelessly lost to encourage the oul recces. The recces are fun in their own right and then race day is mighty, as always.
Whilst the solo is a big undertaking and well done to all the soloists I have to say I massively enjoyed the relay, the team aspect is something that can be lacking in athletics and IMRA relays are super.
Our brand new friend, Clare Keely, ran a super leg 1 in the mist, Orla ran a great leg 2 in yet more whiteout and I got mostly clear skies to watch the solo race unfold in front of me as I scampered off after them with my fresh legs.
The advent of the trackers has in my view opened up the race to more people as even if you do get completely lost you will be found fairly quickly :)
Sean ForsythSep 12 2021, 10:23amThanks to Jarlath and all the volunteers for the organization of the race yesterday. It was a great race, I really enjoyed it and the support from everyone.

Thanks to Alice for the lift from Wicklow Gap.

Definitely be back next year.
Sean ForsythSep 12 2021, 10:31amJust to add..this was my 1st time doing a race like this and despite my apprehensions about it, it was thoroughly enjoyable, even with the 10or so falls and numerous shin deep landings in mud.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone to do.
Gordon PlaceSep 12 2021, 10:35amThanks Jarlath, a great day again! Agree with John, best race on the calendar. Thanks to all the volunteers. The sun always seems to come out for the finish in fenton's

Think there's scope for a mini league of these longer open mountain nav races, Circuit of Avonbeg, Glacier Lakes with relay, maybe another with relay, and it might encourage more entries
Peter BellSep 12 2021, 10:40amBig Thanks to Jarlath and his crew for a great day on d hills. Loved it.
Liam VinesSep 12 2021, 11:29amThanks to Jarlath and crew for a great day out.
Anyone who does this race is always beaming at the end because it’s a journey rather than a race. If someone is new to open mountain running they have usually decided weeks or months in advance to do it and have been planning and recceing and if it’s a regular they are planning and recceing to see where they can save time.
For anyone who is thinking of dipping there toe in open mountain/nav running start planning now and don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for help.
Well done to all who took part.
Especially John and Andy. All I could do was curse at yous as you went by me ..
Until next year..
Graham K. BusheSep 12 2021, 12:34pmA huge thanks to Jarlath and all the volunteers who gave up their time for us to 'enjoy' ourselves in the misty mountains.
I have to agree with previous comments on how great this event is. A few years ago, SCL was my first ever Ultra, and I loved it. As Liam said, it's a journey, and one well worth going on. There is any amount of help available if you ask. Don't be afraid of the navigation aspect, get a bit of advice and practice.
Hopefully more will get to the start line next year.
...and Fenton's of course. :)
Brian FureySep 12 2021, 12:38pmGreat day out on the solo. Tough too. Thanks to Jarlath and all volunteers for making it possible.
Seán HigginsSep 12 2021, 12:46pmThanks to Jarlath and all the volunteers. I was delighted to get a chance to run in the relay, thanks everyone for organising it. Well done to all who competed, including teammates Sean And Thomas apart from the handover of the tracker to Seán we remain a mystery to each other, maybe we’ll catch up at another race in the future. As has been said the relay is a brilliant way to introduce yourself to open mountain running I highly recommend it. Thanks Alice for the lift to the start line. I owe IMRA a duty as a volunteer I’ll have check the calendar for a date. Having run the first leg I was able to get straight back to hurling sideline duties and intimidating the opposition looking like the creature from the black lagoon.
Gerry McGuinnessSep 12 2021, 3:00pmBig thanks to Jarlath, Alice and all yesterdays crew.
Great day out with a bit of everything, mist, rain and sunshine.
Anyone thinking of doing this race. It is more than a day in the mountains there's the recces and planning the navigation which all take (enjoyable) time time so you are getting an experience rather than a race.
Next year will try to move up a place to second last.
James H CahillSep 12 2021, 4:43pmThanks Jarlath, Alison and all the volunteers for a great day in the hills yesterday. We'll done to John, Andy, Liam, Ivana, Maeve, Clare, Órla and Peter and to all runners especially the solo runners - you are warriors to take on the Stone Cross to Lug challenge! Great day out in the relay. Thank you
Linda RowdenSep 12 2021, 7:47pmBig thanks to Jarlath and his team for a great day in the hills yesterday. Extra special thanks to those who waited in the rain for me at Sally Gap. My first open mountain run and I loved every minute of it. Aiming for straighter lines next year and to be quicker for my teammates!!
Stuart ScottSep 13 2021, 11:01amThanks Jarlath for your hard work in making sure this event went ahead, and everyone who helped on the day. It continues to be one of the best events on the calendar! Great to see so many solo runners and teams taking part. It'd be great to see more team entries next year too - if anyone would like a hand reccing any of the legs be sure to post on the forum well in advance and I and I'm sure many others would be more than happy to tag along. It's more than doable for anyone with the right preparation. Thanks Alice too for all the hard work behind the scenes encouraging everyone to take part and acting as chauffeur\team manager extraordinaire.

Finally particular thanks to Michael for pulling me out of the chest-high boghole on Leg 1. So far, Leg 3 is the only leg where I haven't gotten stuck in a chest-high boghole so that can be my target for next year!
Barry O'NeillSep 13 2021, 11:21amSincere thanks to Jarlath and crew.
My first time doing anything this nuts but wont be the last.
Conor O'FarrellSep 13 2021, 12:52pmJust to add my thanks to the whole crew out there on Saturday. Jarlath put together 2 great events in one and cobbled together a few teams for the Relay and arranged recces and lifts etc., which kept him pretty busier that your regular RD. Thanks Also to Alison and Caroline at the handovers and also to Alice for ferrying us around to our start points.

Also, thanks to any other volunteers didn't see on that day. It wasn't the most pleasant of days to be standing around.

I would have loved to have hung around afterwards to swap stories of the day, but I had to head straight off after my leg.

Results are up so any queries, send them on to

P.S., if I never, ever, see that bog at Barnacullian ridge will be way too soon!
Clare KeeleySep 13 2021, 2:11pmA huge thank you to Jarlath, Alison, Caroline and crew for a great day out on Saturday! I can see now why it is considered one of the best events on the calendar :)
I initially hoped to do the Solo event but I just couldn't get in enough recces to feel confident to get around in the general right direction so 2 weeks ago I chickened out and emailed Jarlath to say I would volunteer instead... email back from Jarlath to encourage me to join a team and do one leg of the relay and I am delighted I did. ( I could only offer to do Leg 1!!). With that I was on a team with Peter Farrell and Orla Mc Evoy (who I had never met before) so a big 'HI and nice to meet's the tracker!!' hand over at Sally Gap road and Orla disappeared into the mist and rain up Carrigvore!
I would encourage anyone considering doing this to get out early and start recceing the route for either the Solo or relay team event. As Peter said above, relays are great fun and a great chance to give a shorter section a go. From chatting to other runners there are loads of people only dying to get out and practice navigation so getting out in groups is a great way to start... but you have to get out on your own to really practice!! It is not half as scary as you think!
If that Barnacullian Ridge wasn't in leg 2 I would nearly have given the whole thing a go!!! It gave me the absolute fear and I think it was around here on a recce with Liam and Luke in the lashing rain and fog that I gave up thinking and packed away my map and compass and just tried to keep up with the lads...
Next year!