Irish Mountain
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Glen of Aherlow Trail Half-Marathon

Anthony MuldoonAug 5 2021, 4:38pmHi all,

Just wondering if it the Glen of Aherlow run is going ahead this year?


Patricia RyanAug 7 2021, 10:47pmYes, as long as nothing Covid related changes that.
Anthony MuldoonAug 16 2021, 11:14amThanks!
Patricia RyanAug 17 2021, 11:14pmRegistration is open. Closes on 5th September or when capacity is reached. You have been warned!
Marie McDonagh-CraigAug 18 2021, 1:53pmIs it possible to start early - slow runner here
Patricia RyanAug 18 2021, 9:50pmEarly starters go off at 10.30am.
Patricia RyanAug 18 2021, 9:57pmPlease make sure your t-shirt size on your IMRA profile is correct as we will be ordering the tops based on that.
Cora FentonAug 31 2021, 1:25pmhI, Having trouble paying to enter this race. tried 3 times, says successfully transferred to provider but then say payment not successful down further. any ideas? just want to check if it has been accepted before i try for 4th time. Thank you, cora
Pól Ó MurchúAug 31 2021, 1:47pmHi Cora, you are not entered into this race. Please check the format of the phone number is in the required format…this is the most common reason for payments failing and is called out in the error message you are getting…
Patricia RyanAug 31 2021, 10:20pmPhone number format needs to be as per instructions on payment page 353|8********
Cora FentonSep 3 2021, 8:34amHi Patricia, thank you, the phone number kept going back to the 087 format but eventually got there, thank you for your help. i am entered and looking forward to it. see all on 18th Sept. Kind regards
Patricia RyanSep 3 2021, 11:39amGreat stuff Cora
Patricia RyanSep 3 2021, 11:47am*Entry will close this Sunday 5th to allow sufficient lead time to order tops etc.
Patricia RyanSep 5 2021, 5:55pmEntry closing tonight, no late entries.
Don O'LearySep 6 2021, 8:49pmHi, I tried registering 4/5 times last night for the glen of Aherlow half but it rejected my card due to error.
Is there any other form of payment?
Don O'Leary
Robert JankowskiSep 7 2021, 5:11pmHi, any chance to still enter the race? Not looking for top
Patricia RyanSep 7 2021, 10:43pmRobert, I'm afraid not.
Stephen NolanSep 9 2021, 10:13amHi Patricia, I wont be able to make the run on the 18th
Oliver ForbesSep 10 2021, 3:06pmHi Patricia I registered for race and paid etc confirmed 23/08 but never received confirmation email at the time to acknowledge, would you be able to confirm if I am listed for race please? many thanks
Jason DowlingSep 10 2021, 9:55pmHi Oliver,

You are registered for the race.

Hope that helps,
Oliver ForbesSep 10 2021, 10:03pmMuch obliged Jason,
Thanks for that.
Peter TiernanSep 11 2021, 9:58amHello

Can I register on the day? I would love to run it but online is already closed (why closed so early?!)

Thank you
Patricia RyanSep 11 2021, 12:56pmPeter, no late entries or entry on the day I'm afraid. These larger events always close 2/3 weeks in advance in order to plan for prizes/tshirts and refreshments etc.
Peter TiernanSep 11 2021, 8:58pm:(
Iwona KelleherSep 12 2021, 8:42pmPeter, I'm new to IMRA, so as a slow runner do i must do ' an early start' or still Ok to start with everyone at 11? Thank you...
Patricia RyanSep 12 2021, 10:02pmIwona, there is an early start option. That's at 10.30am. We do have a handful of people taking that option. Please let us know at sign in if you're starting at 10.30am.
Iwona KelleherSep 13 2021, 5:32pmThanks, will try to arrive early enough to start 10.30...
Patricia RyanSep 13 2021, 9:55pmInformation email will be sent to all registered participants on Wednesday night.
Patricia RyanYesterday, 9:39amReminder, if you are unwell in any way please do not attend for the race.