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GPX files for routes

Daryl MossopAug 2 2021, 5:56pmNewbie to the scene so hopefully this isn't off topic.

Is there a list of GPX files out there for the routes the races take?

Time consuming going searching into Garmin for previously saved routes by other and they could be incorrect
John J BarryAug 2 2021, 6:21pmShort answer no. But some longer races the race director may include a plotaroute etc in the race description (usually the longer trail races). All usual routes would be available on Strava and/or Garmin
Warren SwordsAug 3 2021, 11:44amStrava is good for race routes.

Use the strava segment explore feature to find an obvious segment somewhere on a race route. Then click the leaderboard and usually the top 10 fastest times were done during IMRA races. You can spot a race when a couple of the fastest times are on the same date.
Peter O'FarrellAug 3 2021, 12:00pmOn Strava if you a member of the IMRA club you can click into someone's run and then "create route" to save a GPX file of their run.

It only seems to show the previous 2 weeks runs but over time you can build up the race routes you want.

Another option on Strava is to follow people who do the races and then you can see all their runs back through time and save the runs that are interesting to you.