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Belt for rain jacket etc

Lilly JonesJul 29 2021, 3:50pmCan anyone recommend a belt for rain jacket and perhaps a couple of other small items like phone whistle etc. Thanks.
Andrew MendelsonJul 29 2021, 3:58pmNaked Running Band is brilliant - remarkably capacious and doesn’t bounce.

Salomon Pulse Belt is a more minimalist, but solid option.
Conor NolanJul 30 2021, 8:49pmCompressport Free Belt/Free Belt pro (€30/40). The Free Belt Pro can swallow a vast amount with no bounce. Looks similar to the Naked Running Band.
Brian FureyJul 31 2021, 9:53pmI have one of these. Great for shorter races. Holds jacket and gel or 2 and keys etc. Good quality
Ray LonerganJul 31 2021, 10:27pmI found these trail running shorts with a 'built in' pocket belt excellent. The many pockets can comfortably carry a lot eg. Phone, keys, gels, small bottles and even my compact shower proof jacket. They are really comfortable and hard wearing too. Here is a link to see them.
Andrew HanneyAug 1 2021, 12:06pmHave to second the recommendation for the shorts from Decathlon, they are brilliant. If still looking for a belt, I have a flip belt with a zip pocket and it is great for stuffing an imra type jacket in, you don’t even know it’s there.