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Phil behanJul 27 2021, 2:06pmHi all, sorry I’ve had to drop off the volunteer list for this. I’m volunteering at Mountain Meitheal this Wec and then Howth in 2 weeks. Sorry about that, addition of Howth would have me doing 3 in a row. Thanks . Phil
Paul SmythJul 29 2021, 1:23pmEntries for the Devil's Glen trail race open this evening at 18:00.

Also, I need some more volunteers.
Mikey FryJul 29 2021, 4:50pmHi Paul when can I pick up marking gear for race please I’ll just need flags and tape just in case please??
Paul SmythJul 29 2021, 5:57pmHi Mikey, I've replied to your personal email.
Joao EstevesJul 29 2021, 7:02pmHi, this is my first time in an IMRA event. Can you confirm if I'll be getting my race number and chip there? Do I need to arrive a bit earlier because of this? Anything else I should not forget about? thanks
Niall McGuinnessJul 29 2021, 9:00pmHi Joao, yes you'll be able to pick up your number and chip on the evening of the event. It won't take more than a few minutes but it's always a good idea to arrive early enough so you're not rushing. Don't forget your rain jacket which you must carry with you for the event. Enjoy, it's a lovely route.
Niall McGuinnessJul 29 2021, 9:05pmHi Paul, I've added myself as laptop operator. I've helped with the laptop a few times but it's more than a year since the last time, so would be good if someone who knows what they are doing could join me. Or perhaps a runner who knows their way around the laptop might spend a few minutes early in the evening bringing me up to speed?
Paul SmythJul 29 2021, 9:41pmThanks Niall,

Much appreciated. I'll ask the helpers who've signed up if there is someone that can give you a quick refresher before we open registration.
Paul SmythJul 29 2021, 9:54pmHi Joao, welcome to IMRA!

If you have not already done so, I recommend that you read the details page for the event, as there is a lot of important information there. For example, make sure you have the necessary mandatory gear.

Conor O'FarrellJul 30 2021, 10:24amHi Niall

I hope to be about for the race and I can show you the main ins and outs of the laptop. My only concern would be getting there early enough to open registration.

I can arrange to do a Zoom call with you to show you the main bits to get started if you wish.

Drop me an email: conor dot ofarrelll at imra dot ie

Niall McGuinnessJul 30 2021, 2:00pmThanks all. Paul for sorting out a shadow laptop operator. David for agreeing to be shadow laptop operator. And Con for the offer of the zoom call. I'll take you up on that Con. I'll send you an email separately. Thanks everyone, feeling much more confident now.
Paul SmythJul 31 2021, 9:59pmI still need a first aider for this race. Without a first aider the race cannot go ahead.
Kevin O'RiordanAug 1 2021, 2:24pmHi Paul,

I can do first aid.

Diarmuid MeldonAug 1 2021, 7:42pmHi,
Anybody having issues registering - I've tried yesterday and today with a couple of different cards (AIB) on a couple of devices. But keep getting the following error:

"Your payment was not processed. Error details are shown below: undefined

Credit Card Processing Return Information:
Gp Result: 110
Gp Status: FAILURE
Gp Result Description: Transaction NOT permitted by merchant config.
Gp Transaction Id:"

No problems for the last couple of races but can't figure out this error. Any help is much appreciated.
Conor O'FarrellAug 1 2021, 7:56pmHi Diarmuid

Double-check the phone number format. If I recall correctly, that's the cause of the 110 error.

Either that, or just make sure your AIB phone app is fully up to date.

Mikey FryAug 1 2021, 8:35pmYour too fast that’s all dude:)

I’ve got both my boys into race but I can’t enter myself diarmuid have tried about 10 times with three different cards they just don’t want me:(

Paul SmythAug 1 2021, 8:36pmHi Kevin,

Thank you for volunteering to do first aid - it's much appreciated.

Paul SmythAug 1 2021, 8:37pmI think I have enough volunteers now. Can anyone intending to volunteer please put themselves forward to help at Howth as Joe still needs volunteers.


Diarmuid MeldonAug 1 2021, 8:51pmDefinitely slow with this one Mikey.

Thanks a mil Conor. It was the phone number. It worked when I put a "|" between the 353 and number.
Mikey FryAug 1 2021, 9:11pmInteresting didn’t work for me………………………
Mikey FryAug 1 2021, 9:19pmHa ha not a 1 but one of ||||||| those flipping things:))
Paul SmythAug 3 2021, 11:34amIMPORTANT!

Entries close this evening at 18:00. If you do not enter before then you will not be able to run.

The entrance into the forest will be closed at 19:15, so you will need to arrive before then. Registration will be closing at 19:15 anyway.

Registration is 2 km from the forest entrance and the later you arrive the further away from registration you are likely to be.

The roads in the locality of the forest are quite narrow, and with event and other traffic may be quite slow to traverse. Allow yourself sufficient time, and take care.
Maeve Maher-McWilliamsAug 3 2021, 11:51amI've been trying to enter this race since the weekend and am getting a payment not processed error message. There doesn't appear to be any anomalies in my details. I'd really like to race it so if anyone can help I'd really appreciate it!

If I can't get the entry sorted I'd be happy to volunteer.


Maeve Maher-McWilliamsAug 3 2021, 11:55amI've removed the "353|" and tried 35387 and 087 but still no luck.
Paul SmythAug 3 2021, 12:08pmHi Maeve,

I don't have a definitive answer but if you haven't already done so you should look at the thread:

That may help you sort out the problem.

Enter your phone number as 353|87... with no zero before the 87, no hyphens or spaces.

Other issues seem to have been inconsistencies in the way the address or name is entered compared with what is on your cards account.

The other things that was mentioned as a suggestion was that if your banking app is not up to date then that may cause problems as well.
Maeve Maher-McWilliamsAug 3 2021, 6:05pmHi Paul, thanks for the advice. Unfortunately after many, many, many tries tweaking different things it still didn't work! Very frustrating process.

Hope it's a good one! :)
Paul SmythAug 3 2021, 6:40pmSorry to hear that Maeve. I understand your frustration.

It might be worth posting what happens when you try to pay, to that thread I sent you the link for. Someone might be able to provide a solution so that you can get it to work for the next event you try to enter.
Laura FlynnAug 3 2021, 6:45pmHi Maeve, sorry you didn’t manage to get into tomorrow night’s race and that I’m only replying now. I experienced problems myself but managed to figure it out so if you want to call me when you’re trying again please do and I can talk it through with you.
As Paul and others have explained, the details you input need to correspond exactly with the details your bank/card-provider holds. I figured that out eventually by typing my address as on bank statements even though it had typos ( eg Terenure spelt Terenuer).
Also, as Paul mentioned, the phone number had a space between the 87 code and actual number which I got rid of. It wouldn’t go through with the space.
I think you have my number but if not you can email me at
Maeve Maher-McWilliamsAug 4 2021, 10:50amThanks Laura, I'll drop you a text.

I was getting the same 110 error message that Diarmuid had posted above, saying success but payment not processed. I have a BoI credit and debit card but also tired my Revolut card without any luck. I'll post it on the other thread and hopefully someone might be able to help for the next time.

Thanks both!

Phil behanAug 4 2021, 9:51pmThanks to Paul and all the volunteers for an excellent race tonight. The junior track was really nice and my daughter loved it. Great to see so many juniors out running on the trails. Thanks again.
Richard NunanAug 4 2021, 11:05pmThanks Paul, Dan, Peter, Caroline and all the volunteers Great route, and we'll done Barry!
Conor O'FarrellAug 4 2021, 11:09pmThat was a fast one tonight. Thanks to Paul and his merry band of volunteers. The lads on laptop did another stellar job, making my own life a lot easier.

Results are now up. Please send any queries to

Brendan LawlorAug 5 2021, 7:59amThanks Paul and team for another great race.

Lovely to see the next generation of the Mikey Fry family out on the trails complete with long hair and bandanas.. and just as much attitude as their father .. well done to Zak and Eli!
Mikey FryAug 5 2021, 9:25amThanks for those kind words brendan I might some kids sessions soon not running but chats:)
Will they make a return Eli’s words were no way Zak if the race was shorter:) daddy maybe got carried away I hope they’ll be back)

Paul SmythAug 5 2021, 9:34amA big thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the event run so smoothly last night:

Mikey for taping the route in the pouring rain yesterday afternoon, Niall and David for running the laptop and finish, Caroline and Alastair for sign-in and number registration, Kevin for first aid, James, Brian, Peter, Daniel, Sean, Niall and Robin for parking, marshalling, de-marking and other duties. Thanks also to Conor for sorting any and all issues with the laptop before the event, and for getting the results processed so quickly.
Roelie SmitAug 5 2021, 11:16amThank you to Paul and all the volunteers for another well run IMRA event. Great evening out.
Gareth LittleAug 5 2021, 12:17pmThanks Paul and all the helpers and to Con for getting the results out so fast. It was a super race.

Report up:
Conor NolanAug 5 2021, 10:56pmThanks Paul and all for another great IMRA event.

Good report Gareth - except for _another_ 'I passed Conor on the downhill with 2km to go" bit. :)

If only there was an uphill only race ...