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Mountain Rescue Benefit Race

Gareth LittleJul 23 2021, 7:35pmWe just need two more helpers for this race. We would like a laptop operator and one other person who is familiar with the timing mat. Thanks a lot
Jeff SwordsJul 24 2021, 3:56pmI've stuck myself in Gareth, I can do both.
Dave DochertyAug 11 2021, 8:53amGareth. I have the IMRA gazebo from the knees up in Mayo at the weekend. Do you want it for your race? Otherwise I'll drop it back to the committee? Let me know. dave dot docherty at g mail dot com.
William Paul FenwickAug 12 2021, 12:49pmWould someone be able to give me a lift to this one please? I'm fully vaxxed and I can get to any part of Dublin to be picked up. If you can, then please email me at w dot p dot fenwick (at) gmail dot com
Anthony MoranAug 12 2021, 6:10pmHi Gareth, can you please tell me if I pick up my race number and timing chip at registration on the evening.
Brendan LawlorAug 12 2021, 7:06pmEntries for this race are open now. Second last Wednesday race of the year so get your name down. It’s for a good cause and Mountain Rescue have been seriously curtailed on fundraising activities since the pandemic began so we are very grateful to IMRA for the support.

@Anthony , yes you can collect your race number and chip at registration
Carrie DesmondAug 16 2021, 12:26pmHi Gareth do you need more helpers for Wednesday night? Thanks Carrie
Gareth LittleAug 16 2021, 1:08pmHi Carrie, we are good for helpers now but thank you.

Race update to come later this evening and please note that entries close 18:00 tomorrow for this event which is the penultimate Wednesday night race of the year
Anne-Marie FlahertyAug 16 2021, 2:51pmHi folks,

I know I'm not alone in this, I'd like to donate to the mountain rescue, but can't make the race. Is there another link I should use to donate, rather than entering and not showing up.

Thanks and good luck for Wednesday!
Gareth LittleAug 16 2021, 3:04pmHi Anne-Marie and thanks for your post.

If it suits you, you can simply sign up, even if you don't plan on being there for the event.

Alternative ways to donate can be found in the below link.


Richard GarryAug 17 2021, 11:55amHi, this is my first race, can I pick up my race number at the start?
Gareth LittleAug 17 2021, 12:23pmHi all, just a reminder that entries close at 18:00 today

We will have a shorter junior course available which is about 4K. This will start just after the main start.

There is also an early start at 19:00 for those that need it.

See also some FAQ below. Thanks

1. For new or existing members that haven't run this year your race number will be available at registration and you keep that number for the year. If you lose your number you must purchase a new one through the website.
2. For new members you'll receive a timing chip that you keep and use for subsequent years.
3. For existing members that haven't run yet this year, your chip has to be re-programmed to your new number for the year.
4. For members that have lost their chip, you should purchase a replacement on line prior to the race.
5. Face masks should be worn in the registration/finish area and also at the start and for the first 100m of the race.
6. "|" the dreaded pipe symbol, I'm not going to try and explain this in relation to the purchasing process, there's plenty on the forum already. However it would appear that Northside people must be smarter as we haven't had any posts about it for Howth.
7. Route marking, please refer to the IMRA link for information on how to follow the correct route and not the idiot in front of you. Easier said than done I was guilty of the same thing myself at the last race I did.
Brendan LawlorAug 17 2021, 12:28pmHi

A quick reminder that registration is at the Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue base, but parking is further along that road , so please come and register on time. There is NO PARKING at the Glen base, and once you register its about 5-10 minutes jog up to the race start

Anne HodgeAug 17 2021, 3:11pmSadly I can't make the payment. Would love to do this race - will keep trying. Anne
Gordon PlaceAug 17 2021, 3:25pmHi Anne,

If you look at Maurice Mullins forum post, it has instructions that seem to work for people, seems the phone number is the biggest culprit. Also, make sure your address matches your statement exactly including any errors, UPPER lower case, Miss etc.
Pól Ó MurchúAug 17 2021, 3:25pmCheck the formatting of the phone number Anne!
Anne HodgeAug 17 2021, 3:26pmThanks! It went through finally :)
See you tomorrow!
Majella GeraghtyAug 18 2021, 1:16pmHi there,
Would some body drop a google pin to the Trooperstown car park for tonights race, please.
Many thanks
Warren SwordsAug 18 2021, 1:20pm

If coming from Dublin, it's about 2km before you get to Laragh. It's on your left.
Brendan LawlorAug 18 2021, 1:20pmTrooperstown Car Park
Gareth LittleAug 18 2021, 2:18pmWe will have a marshal out on the road to guide people in
Conor O'FarrellAug 18 2021, 11:41pmResults are up. Please send any queries to

Caoimhin MacMaolainAug 19 2021, 8:58amThanks very much to Gareth and the volunteers for a great race last night. Really enjoyed it. Thanks also to Conor for getting the results posted so quickly.
Sean ForsythAug 19 2021, 9:30amHi all, thanks for a great race last night, very enjoyable. Thanks to all the volunteers for making it happen.
Maeve Maher-McWilliamsAug 19 2021, 9:37amThanks to everyone involved for a great race! Really well marshalled course!
Stuart ScottAug 19 2021, 10:24amThanks everyone for running last night and for supporting Mountain Rescue. It's very much appreciated especially as we haven't been able to run our usual fundraising events in the past couple of years (DWMRT's Run the Line, Walk the Line and Art O' Neill and GOIMRT's Moonlight Challenge). Apologies for the more 'interesting' section too. There wasn't time to re-route though I did manage to avoid the Sea of Ferns. Congrats also to those that got back before me!

Don't forget to check for ticks!
Peter BellAug 19 2021, 10:29amThanks Gareth and crew for a very enjoyable race and to the Mountain rescue crew for all your work on d hills. Nice one.
James H CahillAug 19 2021, 10:35amThank you Gareth and all the volunteers. Supporting Mountain Rescue, adventuring in the ferny gorse and heather, hair being coiffeured by the low branches on the Wicklow Way, the final painful loop descent and climb, and the 10km fireroad to the finish line (or at least that's how it felt!) all the ingredients for a great evening in the hills. Thank you.
Colm HickeyAug 19 2021, 11:27amHi guys,

Last night was only my second every mountain run and my first with the IMRA and I must say I loved it. Thanks for everything you did.
One quick question. I was first in the M40 section. Is there prizes for that?


Colm Hickey
Mike JordanAug 19 2021, 11:47amThanks everyone for entering the fundraiser for mountain rescue last night! Hope you all enjoyed the run. Covid means our fundraising ability has been reduced but the number of callouts hasn't so it's much appreciated.

@Colm Hickey - as this is a charity fundraiser, prizes were limited to first 3 female and male finishers and first female and male juniors. Prizes were kindly sponsored by IMRA - thanks!. M40 prizes may be available at future races so come back and do some more racing!

And to re-iterate Stuart's earlier point - please check for ticks. They love mountain runners almost as much as they love hiding in ferns!
Brendan LawlorAug 19 2021, 11:58amHi Colm and Mike

Just to clarify there have been no age category prizes at any IMRA races this year

Thanks again to everyone who took part or volunteered

We even managed to get to the pub for the first post race pub pint of 2021 !
Gareth LittleAug 19 2021, 12:45pmOn behalf of myself and the both mountain rescue teams I’d like to thank all of you for making last nights race a great event and for supporting mountain rescue.

Thanks to all the other volunteers and to Conor for getting the results out so quick.

I also wish the lady with the twisted ankle a speedy recovery.


Gareth - RD
Thomas DonohoeAug 19 2021, 1:03pmthanks all involved for a cracking evening - loved it!

if there is a donations link let me know and I will top up my contribution
David DunneAug 19 2021, 1:35pmThanks Gareth and Co, Great event and cause
Gareth LittleAug 19 2021, 7:30pmThanks Thomas!
Stephen Mc CabeAug 19 2021, 9:11pmThanks to Gareth and all the volunteers for last nights race. My two daughters ventured out for their first IMRA junior race and had a fantastic night. Thanks to all the mountain rescue folk for all they do during the year too.
Gordon PlaceAug 22 2021, 6:10pmAnyone local out training that way during the week?
Brendan LawlorAug 22 2021, 6:55pmI’ll get them tomorrow, thanks Gordon