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Card Payments - Update

Jason DowlingJul 15 2021, 9:26pmHello All,

After more testing across a number of browsers, we've discovered that the error dialog box is not displaying on all browsers when required information is not entered. As a result, the screen for entering the card details will not display when the 'Pay Now' button is selected and no warning will be given to the user.

As a temporary work-around, ensure that the 'I accept IMRA terms & conditions' box is checked, the mobile number is entered in the form 353|871234567 (and ensure that the 871234567 is replaced with your own number, the pipe symbol '|' has to be included.

Make sure to fill out the 'Billing Street 1:*', 'Billing City:*' and 'Billing Postal Code:*' fields.

When *all* the fields have been populated, select 'Pay Now' to display the form for entering your credit card details. The form will not display otherwise and no warning message will be displayed.

After you have entered your card details within the frame and selected ''Proceed to Verification', a notification should appear on your phone asking you to confirm the purchase. If you do not receive this notification, you cannot complete the purchase and should contact your bank as why this is.

After you have confirmed the purchase, select the 'Complete' button. Regardless of whether your payment was successful or not, a 'Success!!' text will be displayed but on some instances, it will actually display an error message. We have no control over this and this is just what our card provider returns. The text at the bottom of the window will give the true outcome of the transaction.

Hopefully, that will clear up a number of issues while we try to fix the issue with the error message not displaying in some browsers. Please ensure that *every* field in the initial form is populated including the T&C checkbox.

Hope that helps,
Brian FureyJul 15 2021, 9:42pmFailed for me the first time today. Worked second time once I changed phone no format to one you mention Jason:

Paul O'GradyJul 15 2021, 9:52pmAh come on now Committee. We shouldn’t have to do all this to make/take a payment in 2021. Someone changed something (or our payments provider) and it clearly is not working.

Alternatively, until this is fixed, can you please start accepting the vouchers again? Or can IMRA set up PayPal as an alternative payment method?
Richard NunanJul 15 2021, 10:08pmHi Paul,

With Covid we have online entry only.

In order for Global payments to increase the overall security level of payments, 3D Secure 2.0 requires SCA to be mandatory for all online transactions. So we have had a change to our Global Payments code to facilitate this,

3 asks,

1.) update your mobile Application (once)
2,) fill out the form as requested (once, as your auto fill will do it second time)
3.) Wash your hands

Grace EganJul 15 2021, 10:10pmI just purchased entry for Glen of the Downs next week, the fields Jason described where already pre populated with my information, so I simply ticked the box and entered my postal address, pretty straight forward, thanks for all the work that goes on in the background on top of your day jobs, family, life etc
Volkan KocJul 15 2021, 11:24pmHi Jason,

Appreciate the message but even though I tried everything you described both with Chrome and IE, I had no luck, after several attempts.

Is there an alternative method of payment IMRA would consider until this issue is resolved?

I , like many here, have a tight schedule and "Glen of the Downs" on 21.7.2021 is probably the only one I could do for a while so appreciate if you & IMRA could advise and help me.

Kind regards,


PS ; I am sure this issue is being worked on hard and seriously, and I wish you all good luck and speedy solution.
Paul O'GradyJul 15 2021, 11:59pmThank you Richard,

I had already done steps 1 to 3 but still it still wouldn’t complete the payment. I tried 2 different Bank of Ireland cards.

Anyway, good to know that there is no Covid in the registration queue or the chip queue, but it’s rampant in the voucher queue. It really is quite sneaky like that. ‘Because of Covid’ really has become the new ‘Because of GDPR’.

But I am not here to complain, I am here to suggest a solution to an obvious problem that is affecting a lot of members.

As my family unfortunately all caught Covid in March, and I am getting my second Pfizer vaccine on Sunday, I am prepared to risk it all for IMRA and I will volunteer to man a socially distanced voucher queue for all remaining Wednesday races. Anyone who doesn’t want to run the gauntlet of such a dangerous queue could of course complete their IT degree and sign up online.

Covid is here to stay, just like the flu, so unfortunately that day it is finally eradicated is never going to come. We have to live with it. So as I am super-immune I will quite happily help get the voucher system back up and running - in a Covid complaint manner of course.
Rachel HarneyJul 16 2021, 1:22amManually type in all fields seems to work for me - ie. Don't let your phone input anything automatically.
Jason DowlingJul 16 2021, 8:17amHi Volkan,

Just after checking IE (v11) and it doesn't appear to be working fully.

I'm after trying it on Chrome on both mobile and desktop and all worked as expected for myself. Have tried it with Edge on desktop and was working also.

Will investigate later on when I get the time.

Kind regards,
Richard NunanJul 16 2021, 8:59amMorning Paul,

Awful to hear your family got Covid. But glad you have recovered.

Online entry is so that we can control the numbers attending races. Nothing to do with Q's

Are you getting any error code - and are you 100% the phone number is in the correct format - as that is tripping up a number of people.
Graeme WarrenJul 16 2021, 9:13amThanks for the really clear guidance on this - once I followed the instructions very carefully it worked fine. Appreciate all the efforts and support!
Brendan LawlorJul 16 2021, 9:19amThanks Jason and Richard for all your efforts with this.. I followed the instructions and payment worked fine with a BOI issued Visa Debit card