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Tom FoxJul 8 2021, 9:07pmHiya lads , was out around glenroe/darragh River walk last Sunday and was pretty overgrown on parts . If this is on the route for the night run as I think it is might be safer to get some of it strimmed..
Robbie WilliamsJul 8 2021, 9:27pmHave the request put in already
Seán careyJul 16 2021, 3:16pmHi, Will there be water stations along the route? Also is there a map/gpx of the route? Thanks
Gerard DownJul 19 2021, 12:09amSean, there are some details about water and drop table on the marathon section of course on the Marathon Forum
Karl RichardsJul 19 2021, 12:07pmLooks like ye have an amazing weekend for the ultra. Could we know more about the water/drop bags for the ultra. Its going to be a hot one and i would like to plan what i need to bring down on friday. I looked on the marathon forum(both) but couldnt see anything. Maybe you could copy n paste here.
Gerard DownJul 19 2021, 9:40pmHere is a copy an d paste from Marathon forum :
Ian Conroy Jul 5 2021, 5:48pm Hi all, just a quick question - I was wondering will there be any refreshment points for this, the marathon distance? Just so I know how much water to carry along. Thanks, Ian
Robbie Williams Jul 5 2021, 9:08pm Yes Ian
For Triallist we recommend a drop bag on table
Ye will have a separate table at approx halfway point
John O'KeeffeJul 20 2021, 12:40pmHi Lads,

I am entered to run but have been nursing an injured calf. A short trot this morning confirmed that covering 60K on Saturday is not on.

Happy to come and help out if needed. Just added my name to the helper volunteer list.

Eoghan HughesJul 20 2021, 1:43pmIs there anywhere around Kilfinane that it is possible to camp on the Friday night? I called the Camper van park and he doesn't take tents as he said his park is all tarmac.


Gordon PlaceJul 20 2021, 1:51pmHi Eoghan, Ballinacourty House campsite is about 20 mins away. Very nice and has a nice restaurant beside it (if open these days)
Karl RichardsJul 20 2021, 3:17pmSorry for asking again about water, maybe the sun is making me thick. You mention there is a table at half way for the drop bag.

I would really appreciate a bit of clarity, how many drop bags are we able to leave and what distance in to the 60km race are they? is there any water available or do we have to put water in drop bags? Are drop bags taken at registration?

Sorry for being think but after a similar run last weekend i am keen not to run out of water again
Robbie WilliamsJul 20 2021, 5:58pmHi Lads

We will have water based on weather

Don’t worry we won’t see ye stuck

If it is moderate temps we will have a station (manned or unmanned approx every 10km.

If it’s really hot, we will go with closer to every 5km.
Robbie WilliamsJul 20 2021, 6:00pmDrop Bag Sites
Ultra has these drop bag areas:

Kilfinnane (18km approx)
Ballyorgan (39km approx )
Kevin BoydJul 22 2021, 7:17amAre details going to be issued with regard to Cut-Off times.
Emma HandJul 22 2021, 2:16pmJust wondering when and where we drop our bags in for the 2 stations along the way in the ultra?
Robbie WilliamsJul 22 2021, 4:34pmI will send you all email this eve
Karl RichardsJul 25 2021, 3:16pmA big thank you to Robbie and his team of volunteers. Another brilliant and well marked race route. As promised you kept us all well hydrated. It was a long hot day for all the racers and the volunteers. With out you all we couldn’t have races like these. Thank you all!!