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Djouce -The Ayling Abyss

Joseph BoyleJul 7 2021, 1:59pmJust a quick shout out for some additional volunteers for next weeks Ayling Abyss race. Details of the race will be posted on the race page shortly, however it's the same route used in previous years.
Joseph BoyleJul 9 2021, 8:36amWe have enough volunteers for this race now, please look to future races to volunteer. Brian is still looking for volunteers for the Circuit of Glenmacnass this Sunday.
Liam LenehanJul 11 2021, 11:31amWill there be a short course option and if so will it start at 7.30 with the juniors?
Joseph BoyleJul 11 2021, 8:33pmLiam, there will be a short course and it's the same route as the juniors. The juniors start about 5 minutes after the main start.
Joseph BoyleJul 13 2021, 11:05amI sent out Volunteer Instructions yesterday and I know one person didn't receive them. If you are on the list and didn't receive a message, could you check your email address registered on IMRA and you're Spam folder. If everything is correct and you still haven't received the instructions, could you let me know on the forum.
Lillian DeeganJul 14 2021, 12:41pmHello everyone,

I'm on with another Club 100 announcement ahead of this evening's Ayling Abyss. We have two more members reaching the 100 IMRA race milestone this eve.

Advance congratulations to Mary Collins and Daniel Morrogh. Well done to both of you - a fabulous achievement. Enjoy your 100th run out folks.

With a basic ask of 10 non-running volunteer helps required for a Club 100 t-shirt to be gifted, Mary, we hope to have a shirt above this evening for RD Joe to pass on. And Daniel, I'll sort your one when a few more helper slots are filled.

Good luck to RD Joe and his mighty helper crew. Be midge repellant prep'd people. Them little blood suckers are likely to eat you alive otherwise.

Brendan RyanJul 14 2021, 3:47pmHi Joseph

I am a new member, and I have entered the last 3 events. I was hopeing to enter this race but did not realise that the entry closes the day before the race event. Is there any posibility that I can be added at this late stage.
Joseph BoyleJul 14 2021, 4:22pmBrendan,
Sorry that's the rules and there's nothing I can do.
Majella GeraghtyJul 14 2021, 5:15pmHi, would some one drop a pin from google maps to the car park. Not familiar with the area.
Many thanks
Roelie SmitJul 14 2021, 5:25pmthis is what I am getting from google maps. 53.15570288124726, -6.187745239327329
Brendan RyanJul 14 2021, 5:33pmHi Joseph, no worries thanks, hope all goes well with the run.
Lillian DeeganJul 14 2021, 5:42pmDjouce Woods Ballinteskin Coillte Car Park

Hope that works.
Aran LynhamJul 14 2021, 9:50pmJust wondering how the guy was that fell in front of me on way down off the summit was a bad fall wondering if your okay?
Gavin DunneJul 14 2021, 10:50pmHi Aran,
That was me. I’m fine. A few cuts and bruises on my legs and head but I’ll be okay. It’s all a learning experience. Won’t try to go as fast downhill next time. Just wanted to say a big thank you to Hannah who cleaned my cuts at the finish line. Much appreciated. Thanks to Joseph and the rest of the volunteers. It was a great and well run race.
Brendan LawlorJul 15 2021, 8:13amThanks Jody, Dan and all the volunteers for a tough, challenging race last night.. a trail race next week will be a nice reprieve !
John FitzgeraldJul 15 2021, 8:22amThanks to Jody,Dan Alan and all the
volunteers and photographers for yet
another epic evening oo the hills.
Arnold DiepmanJul 15 2021, 8:26amYesterday’s race
I’d like to express my sincere thanks for Phil “and company” (I’m sorry but in the commotion the names of the other IMRA stewards did not stick) for picking me up from the floor at the bottom of the abyss and getting me safely back to the car park. Your bandages, ice packs, walking sticks, ibuprofen and all kinds of support and offers thereof were much appreciated.
I’d never worried not meeting the 160% time limit (as this was my first race) but no did not think that a DNF could also be on the cards.
Any silver lining? I’m so glad the vast amount of omnipresent flies were not mosquitos and that it was a balmy evening. As my next time performance cannot be worse I’m looking forward to a PB as – with no doubt - I will be back!
Thanks again for all your support and the race had.

Kind regards,

Arnold Diepman
Roelie SmitJul 15 2021, 8:54amThanks to Joseph and his army of helpers last night. A great run.
Seán FilanJul 15 2021, 9:26amHi

Thanks for a tough but enjoyable race.

Just wondering was a car key found by any chance last night? It was in the field where cars were parked close to the entrance.

Just putting this up incase it is found. Thanks
Phil behanJul 15 2021, 9:45am@arnold you’re welcome. Glad you’re ok and hopefully see you out on the hills again. Thanks to Joe, Dan and all the volunteers also. Very well organised on a very tough course for me.
Joseph BoyleJul 15 2021, 9:51amArnold, I'm glad to hear that your recovering and I hope that this won't put you off future races. Thanks to Phil Behan, Dave Docherty, Alan Ayling, Hannah Gibney and the Sportworld team for getting Arnold back to the car park.
Joseph BoyleJul 15 2021, 10:02amA quick shout out to all the volunteers yesterday evening for a fantastic job well done. It would be unfair to name any specific person as everyone were so enthusiastic and eager to help out in every way. Also a big shout out to the local farmer Michael Keegan who gave us the us of his field for parking and for donating the fee to The Purple House in Bray.
James H CahillJul 15 2021, 10:57amThank you Jody and all your volunteers for a great evening in the hills.I hope all the injured warriors (Arnold, Gavin and I am sure more) make swift recoveries. Why is it that the most nerve wracking descents and excruciating climbs now have the moniker Ayling associated with them. Alan you need to take a good hard look at yourself! Great route as always. Thank you.
Sarah BradyJul 15 2021, 11:12amThanks for a lovely evening, all. I hope everyone who fell is ok, I was thinking on some of them descents that it would be a busy evening for first aid!
Brendan LawlorJul 15 2021, 11:21amA quick check on the IMRA website shows Alay Ayling as IMRA's Safety Officer.. an Oxymoron if ever I read one !
Jason DowlingJul 15 2021, 11:37amOr stroke of genius, if there were no injured warriors, there'd be no need for a safety officer :)

Wishing all who did succumb to the Ayling abyss a speedy recovery and hope to see you all back at an IMRA race in the very near future.
Stuart ScottJul 15 2021, 11:52amWell Jason, if the injured warriors were dancing then the safety officer role would become much less palatable!
Warren SwordsJul 15 2021, 12:19pmThanks to Joseph and team for a great race.

haha at Alan being the safety officer. The only way he can get his races approved. "Yeah, looks good to me."

Brilliant course as always, the descent is superb. Worth the admission fee of going up Djouce. Would make for a great downhill only race.

Hope everyone makes a quick recovery.
Henny BrandsmaJul 15 2021, 12:35pmThanks Jo and the many Marshalls and volunteers, for me after my knee replacement a very challenging race, especially the near vertical Downhill, but probably a fantastic course for the real mountain runner, but with Alan in charge of the course design, you know where you are in for, so leave it at it is. Great to be back hill running again though, best way to spent your Wednesday evening and hopefully next year the social bit of after race banter and price giving will be back as well to ad to the enjoyment of the Wednesday evening races.
Sean ForsythJul 15 2021, 2:22pmHi thank you to all for the race last night, it was unreal. I was another faller...twice in the space of 10 yards on the way flatter part of the descent from Djouce, I'd like to say a thank you to the runners who helped me up.
Peter O'FarrellJul 15 2021, 3:11pmAnother great event there last night, thanks again to all involved. Back to back Ayling specials, I feel I may have timed my run at the Wednesdays perfectly.
Sadly my timing chip joined the ranks of the fallen, it may have spotted near the river near the final climb, along with the last of my energy!
Jeff SwordsJul 15 2021, 3:41pmPeter, we found your chip near enough to the start, yours wasn't the only stray one.

I put it aside in a clear plastic box with the little cable ties but there's probably little chance of it being there the next race so might be easier to have a new one assigned to you.
Eiviltas Evan RadaviciusJul 15 2021, 11:04pmThanks for organising the race and to volunteers.
Great race.
Sandra PegmanJul 16 2021, 1:53pmThanks to all the volunteers for a wonderful race. It was epic!!
Gavan DohertyJul 21 2021, 12:03amBetter late than never.... found a white buff (with little red logos on it).

Drop me a line on 0862621445 if it's yours & I'll sort its return!

Thanks Jodie & all the volunteers for an epic... that Abyss seemed abyssier this time around....!!