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Hello darkness my old friend WW round...

Nigel McCabeJul 7 2021, 10:15amHowdy,
Just to give notice of my attempt...
After much deliberation departing midnight tonight...
May the force be with me!!
Stephen BrennanJul 7 2021, 11:15amGood stuff! All the best.
Graham K. BusheJul 7 2021, 11:22amBest of luck Nigel. I hope all goes to plan and the weather plays its part. Will you be using a tracker?
Thomas RocheJul 7 2021, 3:46pmGood luck Nigel, I hope all goes well
Linda O'ConnorJul 7 2021, 4:00pmBest of luck Nigel!
Richard NunanJul 8 2021, 8:37amFor those dot watching - Nigel has pulled his attempt. Thick cloud up there this morning making Nav very difficult.

He is back with Ray now his crew.

He will be back on a brighter day ! Hard luck Nigel
Graham K. BusheJul 8 2021, 9:43amHard luck Nigel. I took a look across from Sugarloaf this morning and couldn't see a thing past Maulin!
Stephen BrennanJul 8 2021, 10:10amThis will stand to you next time.
Thomas RocheJul 8 2021, 5:48pmHard luck Nigel, good experience for next time
Nigel McCabeJul 9 2021, 9:24amThanks all for the messages..
One thing I couldn't do anything about and needed it on my side was the excuses but complete whiteout with no very little visibility..(couldnt see the red flashing lights on Kippure aerial at the summit stone).
A series of unfortunate events unraveled after that and what could go wrong went wrong..every days a schoolday as they say I will be back...Thanks to R
Wicklow mountains 1-0 Me