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New Credit Card Payment Process - Please Read

Jason DowlingJul 6 2021, 8:13amHello All,

As you are aware, we've had to update our credit card payment process. This is now complete and uses the new 3D Secure 2 protocol. 3D Secure 2 helps to prevent fraud in online credit and debit card transactions. All the main Irish banks support this protocol and some have even withdrawn support for cards which do not use 3D Secure 2 which caused the payments issue over the last few days. This withdrawal of services for the old protocol will expand across all Irish banks in the near future.

3D Secure 2 is not enabled on all cards by default so you may need to get this activated on your card if it is not already setup. You will have to contact the financial institution that issued the card or update it via your mobile app if applicable. Instructions for setting up your card for 3D secure 2 should be available on the website of the financial institution that issued the card.

Once 3D Secure 2 is setup for your card, this will enable push notifications to be sent to your phone to confirm the payment on the IMRA site. If you cannot receive push notifications, then there is a very good chance that you won't be able to complete the purchase so please check your app and phone settings so that push notifications are enabled and can be received by the banking app. on your phone.

Some card providers give the option for sending a text and/or password but from my own personal experience, this has never worked and I was never able to complete the transaction using this method. I am highlighting this so that if it arises, as with all payment related issues, you need to contact your bank and not IMRA.

When you get to the payment page on the IMRA website, the 'Customer Email:' field will be populated with data already in the IMRA database. The 'Mobile Phonenumber:' field will also be automatically populated with the number on the IMRA database.

Important Note: If a land line number is populated in this field or if the field is blank, you must enter your mobile number which must be in the format of: [INTERNATIONAL DIALLING CODE]|[08X1234567]. The '|' symbol is known as a pipe symbol and is located near the bottom left of a qwerty keyboard. or the 3rd symbol in from the left on the middle row of a standard smartphone handset keyboard.The number entered in this field will be the number that the push notification gets sent to. An example of the the correct format for an Irish 087 mobile number would be: 353|871234567. The mobile number MUST be in this format and the pipe symbol must be included.

The other 4 fields are: 'Billing Street 1', 'Billing City', 'Billing Postal Code' and 'Billing Country:'. None of the information entered into these fields are stored on the IMRA server. These are required fields in addition to your credit card details which are used for processing your payment and are sent directly to your bank via our credit card payments provider.

To finish off and as already mentioned, once the payment process starts, the transaction is purely between yourself and your bank. If any issues arise, you will need to contact your bank directly instead of IMRA.

This is a necessary and one time adjustment to align our payments system to the new 3D Secure 2 protocol.

Thank you for your patience while we updated the payments process.

IMRA committee
Jason DowlingJul 6 2021, 8:49amHi All,

We've had to temporarily suspend this as have noticed an issue down-stream which is effecting event entries. Will investigate and get back to you as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
The Committee
Eric OrtizJul 6 2021, 9:06amHi there,

Thanks for working on this issue. That's right, I tried to sign up this morning to Ballyhoura Marathon and I couldn't do the payment.
Hope is solved on time.

Many thanks,
Warren SwordsJul 6 2021, 9:48amHas the price of races gone up?

I see some of the Wednesday races are now €9 compared to €7 last week
Richard NunanJul 6 2021, 10:28amHi Warren,

due to Covid we are having to find a better way to handle the payment for Car Parks. So rather than collect money fro Payment we are building it in to the Online cost.

Therefore 9 euro will be the fee for a race where you would normally give 2 euro to a volunteer.

We will list the races which will be impacted on a post later today.
Why the difference is that we have paid for 2 races directly to the land owner hence they were 7 euros.

Hope that explains the logic ok
Paul SmythJul 6 2021, 10:51amSorry, but I have to ask...

Is the issue with CC payments due in any way to the Kayseya attack?
Warren SwordsJul 6 2021, 10:52amOh that's great! Much handier. Excellent idea.
Conor O'FarrellJul 6 2021, 11:10am@Paul. No it's purely down to the banks' SCA implementation earlier this year. This requires a lot of verification/authentication when making payments to prevent fraudulent activity on your debit/credit card. No doubt, you will have seen these extra measures if you have been shopping online over the past 6 months.
Paul SmythJul 6 2021, 11:16amThanks Conor.