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Ballyhoura Trail MARATHON (+ WMRA 40km Trial '21)

Ian ConroyJul 5 2021, 5:48pmHi all, just a quick question - I was wondering will there be any refreshment points for this, the marathon distance? Just so I know how much water to carry along. Thanks, Ian
Robbie WilliamsJul 5 2021, 9:08pmYes Ian
For Triallist we recommend a drop bag on table
Ye will have a separate table at approx halfway point
Ian ConroyJul 6 2021, 11:39amThanks Robbie, will do. I'll have something ready then so. Looking forward to it.
Mark McInerneyJul 16 2021, 2:55pmHi Folks,

Is this the correct route?
Bill BarryJul 19 2021, 12:17pmHi, doin the marathon. Just wondering what time I need to be there for sign in and drop bag if available.
Andrew HowardJul 19 2021, 12:26pm@ Mark McInerney: No, I created that route myself a while ago for personal use based on the January 2020 route which I ran.

It's best to follow the route info given on the official event page. From comparing the screenshot on that page, with the following route on Plot-a-Route, I think this might be the correct route but Robbie in IMRA Munster will be able to confirm.
Enda MaguireJul 19 2021, 4:23pmHey Robbie, just wondering if you allow dropping down to take part in the Half?
Im registered for the full but just wondered was there a possibility of switching down?
Mark McInerneyJul 19 2021, 5:40pm@Andrew. Many thanks. Appreciate that
Juju JayJul 19 2021, 5:53pmHi Robbie- is there a GPX file for the marathon??

I’m going to be filming & taking photos not racing.

Robbie WilliamsJul 19 2021, 7:45pmEnda that is no problem
George RickardJul 19 2021, 8:37pmHello Robbie, really looking forward to Ballyhoura marathon this Saturday. Given the current temperatures (albeit the weather is due to drop on Saturday) is there any likelihood that the race time start of 9am will be pushed back to an earlier time or if not would it be possible to start the marathon at an earlier time?
I'm concerned about the heat conditions. Thanks in advance to advise.
Mark McInerneyJul 20 2021, 12:21pmHi folks,
I'll be doing the Full, wife doing the Half, wondering if anyone was heading to Kilfinane for the Full from Limerick, if I could get lift out. Save the boss sitting around for hours. Full precautions with Covid.
Can delete if not appropiate.