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Ballyhoura Trail HALF Marathon

Eamonn CashinJun 29 2021, 4:40pmHi folks, I've done the event a few times. A quick question: Says the half starts at 11am, but also says 8.40am race briefing though?
Robbie WilliamsJun 29 2021, 5:45pmWe like a long briefing!!

Thanks for that

The briefing is typically 15min pre race start
Eamonn CashinJun 30 2021, 1:35pmGood man Robbie. Might bring popcorn for it!!!!!
Martin CooneyJul 1 2021, 1:57pmHi Robbie & Co.
I just noticed that the entries were closed for the Ballyhoura weekend. I was just about to sign up for the Ballyhoura Half marathon on the Saturday. It lloks as if there were only 72 entries of the 150 possible places.

Is there any chane it can be opened up for the day so that I can enter please?
Many Thanks, Martin Cooney (#658).
Robbie WilliamsJul 1 2021, 2:25pmWill be reopening shortly

Closes finally Tuesday 6pm
Martin CooneyJul 1 2021, 2:47pmLegend!
Thanks Robbie & IMRA Munster.
I will be checking the Entry Closure times more closely from now on. :)
Conor LuceyJul 6 2021, 9:16pmI just missed the deadline to enter this.
Any chance I could still enter now?
Richard NunanJul 6 2021, 9:30pmLooks open to me
Aoife QuigleyJul 9 2021, 9:33pmIs there a map for this run? Is it a looped run?
Robbie WilliamsJul 9 2021, 10:05pmYes it is a loop
Rory O'TooleJul 12 2021, 5:51pmHello Robbie. Would an early start for the HM be available?
Robbie WilliamsJul 12 2021, 6:24pmHi Rory

Yes you can start at 9:05 once the Marathon leaves
Robbie WilliamsJul 12 2021, 6:25pmYou must let us know when you are leaving and be sure to sign in the Half Marathon registration
Rory O'TooleJul 13 2021, 8:53amWill do, Robbie. Thanks.
Aideen BurkeJul 13 2021, 10:17amI don't suppose there's any chance of a late registration for this race?!
Rich CostelloeJul 13 2021, 10:35amSame - I hate to be that guy.. but any chance of a entry spot opening? I was caught short, didn't notice it was closing so soon. Thanks!
John O GormanJul 13 2021, 1:19pmHi Guys

Would also have entered, didn’t realise closing date had passed.

Robbie WilliamsJul 13 2021, 1:55pmSorry lads..

We gave plenty of notice.

Completely closed now.

Aherlow and Nagles will be the next half marathons .
Aideen BurkeJul 13 2021, 2:03pmNo worries, that's fair enough... it was worth a shot. Best of luck, it looks like it will be a super race.
Rich CostelloeJul 14 2021, 11:50amThanks Robbie. I see only half the entries were taken, and with the year we've had I'd hope for a bit of flexibility, but my fault for missing this one. Will look forward to making it again next year. Enjoy!
Claire HeffernanJul 16 2021, 2:40pmHey Robbie,

I'm hoping to start early too, I'm check in with you/laptop crew before hand.
Aoife QuigleyJul 18 2021, 1:16pmHi, just wondering if the route will be available to view before Saturday? Looking forward to it, first trail half for me !!
Andy WonnacottJul 20 2021, 3:04pmHiya Robbie. Is this any compulsory kit for the Saturday's half marathon? I see the Friday night is full-metal jacket! Also, do we need a chip?
Robbie WilliamsJul 20 2021, 6:01pmFor Trail (Day) half it’s the jacket and phone.

Obviously water and food is strongly recommend

You will need some kind of bottle to fill water from
Barry WalshJul 22 2021, 11:33amHi all,

Only did this last year when it was the Seefin loop - I think the route is different this year? Is there a considerable amount of road on the route?
Stuart AherneJul 22 2021, 12:56pmHi, just wondering what time the registration opens and closes for the half Marathon tomorrow and I assume we register near the starting line in the school ?
Regards Stuart
Ciarán RyanJul 22 2021, 2:05pm@Barry Walsh

I think this might be the route as it's the one I found on plotaroute

The organisers might be able to clarify but doesn't look like much road there thankfully!
Stephen O KeeffeJul 22 2021, 2:20pmI think that's the peaks half marathon one from last year. It starts in Kilfinane this this year I think.
Ciarán RyanJul 22 2021, 2:21pmAh ok Stephen, thanks for letting me know. Oops!
Ciarán RyanJul 22 2021, 2:45pmRobbie Williams posted this on a previous thread so this must be the one!
Shane O'BrienJul 22 2021, 7:05pmHi guys,

Brand new also and don't may have deleted the confirmation mail with race number. Is there a way for me to get it resent prior to the race? I'm also part of the last question too about time for registration and number collection.
Thanks in advance, Shane
Robbie WilliamsJul 22 2021, 7:46pmemail going out shortly
John MagnerJul 23 2021, 4:36pmDoes anyone have the route profile for the half tomorrow? Tks
Barry WalshJul 23 2021, 5:16pmHere you go John
John MagnerJul 23 2021, 10:17pmSound Barry..
Fiona PattersonJul 24 2021, 5:36pmThanks a million to all the organisers, volunteers etc, another really well run event! Looking forward to the next one!
John MagnerJul 24 2021, 5:36pmJust a note to say, that I feel very privileged to be racing within the IMRA community. I had to pull out of the half with a calf injury after 15km and the support along the way was unbelievable. Fellow runners offering water, asking if they could help. One fella actually gave me his phone to ring to get picked up and said I will get it off you at the finishline. Didn’t even get his name.. He got his phone back, but some seriously good people out there. Thank you all. Fair play to Robbie and the team today- they put on a great race.
Aoife QuigleyJul 24 2021, 11:57pmReally enjoyed today, first IMRA outing, lovely atmosphere, well done to all involved and thanks a mill!
Sara MohanJul 25 2021, 1:35amHi,
I did the early start and it says DNF in the results. Is this usual to get DNF as a result if I do an early start?
Thanks. I had a lovely time doing the run today
Robbie WilliamsJul 25 2021, 8:52amHi Sara

Did you time in with timekeepers at the end of the course in the field ?
Stephen O KeeffeJul 25 2021, 9:15amBig thanks to the lads, (I think Sean and I can't for the life of me remember the name of the person who drove the car, sorry) who helped me get back down after suffering from heat exhaustion at around 19.5km. Gutted I couldn't finish, my first DNF ever, but better than making myself very ill. Thanks.
Sara MohanJul 25 2021, 9:43amHi Robbie,
Yes they took down my time at the finish line. Would there be a way to get it added there to the results?
Robbie WilliamsJul 25 2021, 9:48amPerfect Sara

It will get sorted will u email to robbie.williams at imra dot ie the queriy
Sara MohanJul 25 2021, 12:50pmEmailed there. Thanks a million
Niamh KellyJul 26 2021, 2:17pmmy first race in a long time and it was brilliant I suffered in the heat the water on the route was well-timed it was a great day.

Thanks so much to all the volunteers for your hard work over the weekend
Dominic ManningAug 24 2021, 11:07pmHi guys,

I seem to have been included on the race results for this, I didn't run or enter the event. You can edit or remove this if you like (or leave it if it's too much hassle). Details below:

Race No:1773
24 Jul Ballyhoura Trail HALF Marathon 50 L 2:46:00 164%