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Knee injury

Bronagh ElliottJun 28 2021, 4:15pmHi all, I am not sure if this question is appropriate for this forum but here goes. I joined IMRA in 2018 and sadly only managed to do one race when an old knee injury raised it's head. Half knee ("unicompartmental") replacement surgery has been suggested. I am keen to know if anyone has undergone this and successfully returned to running afterwards? I am 46 female and feeling too young to be going down this route but it is looking like the only option, with MRI showing osteoarthritis and having already had meniscal repair arthroscopy a few years back, and more recently hyaluronic acid injections. All recommendations and advice welcome. Thanks!
Henny BrandsmaJun 28 2021, 6:23pmHi Bronagh, to answer your question re knee replacement, II had a full knee replacement in Nov. 2019, and am back hill running again, it will take a while after surgery and a couple off months of phisio treatment, before you can get slowly back to running, stay on the grass for a while till muscles are strong enough to try a easy trailrun and se how you feel afterwards, as you talk about a half replacement, recovery time might be a lot quicker, so yes there is a possibility to go back to (Hill) running after surgery, but it will take time.
Henny Brandsma
Bronagh ElliottJul 9 2021, 8:00pmThank you Henny, that is really encouraging! Wishing you continued recovery and pain free running. Thanks