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Aherlow 50k

Shane O'NeillJun 21 2021, 4:05pmHi,
Was looking at this as my first long event, I've done the half here before and was wondering if it's the same route with a bit added on?
Any advice would be great.
John J BarryJun 21 2021, 7:14pmIt's same area so you're familiar with the terrain. It's a single lap which is great. This was for last year. Suppose it will be the same route
Robbie WilliamsJun 21 2021, 7:15pmCorrect lads

No laps for this one ! Just one big 50km loop all over the Aherlow hills
Robert CunninghamAug 17 2021, 6:30pmThis race is now open for Registration,
Patrick KissaneAug 23 2021, 10:28amIs there a place near the start where I can park the night before as I plan on sleeping in my car?
Robert CunninghamAug 25 2021, 7:55amPatrick there are Plenty of safe places to park up, nice camp sites too.
Patricia RyanSep 3 2021, 11:50amEntry will close this Sunday 5th to allow us time to order tops etc.
Patricia RyanSep 5 2021, 5:54pmEntry closing tonight, no late entries.
Paul DonlanSep 6 2021, 10:11amThis is my first IMRA race this year, and only 2nd ever. Will I receive bib number on the day at the race start? Forgive me if it’s listed somewhere else. Can’t wait, driving over from Kilkenny area if anyone needs a lift .
Robert CunninghamSep 6 2021, 10:22amPaul, yes collect your number on morning of race and keep till end of year.
An email will be sent out to all with full race briefing.
Adolfo GarciaSep 7 2021, 5:22pmHi all just saw that I missed out the registration for this event. Would it possible to sign in?
Robert CunninghamSep 7 2021, 11:08pmAdolfo, unfortunately not.
Roelie SmitSep 15 2021, 8:47pmHi Robert, thanks for the information received today. Looking forward to it. Just a quick query on how we get the drop bags to the 25k/44k mark. Do we have to take it there ourselves before the start? Not even sure whether I’ll have one but just checking anyway.
Robert CunninghamYesterday, 9:28amRoelie, there will be a designated drop bag area at registration, leave your bag here and it will be taken to the drop bag station on race route by us.
Robert CunninghamYesterday, 10:13amPlease do not attend this event if you are anyway unwell, or a close contact. Thank You.