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Nagles Half-Marathon

Katherine ReddanJun 21 2021, 10:54amHello,
I entered the Nagles Half last year. Are the entries carried over to this year ?
Robbie WilliamsJun 21 2021, 9:51pmYes all who were entered for the 2020 event are automatically entered for the 2021 version.

Given that it’s more or less full unless refunds are coming in for it
Katherine ReddanJun 22 2021, 9:14amFantastic thanks Robbie.
Stephen NolanJul 4 2021, 9:36pmHello,

To clarify, will there be an opportunity to run in this event if you were not registered for the 2020 event?
Thank you,
Robbie WilliamsJul 4 2021, 10:14pmNot 100% sure yet

Depends on numbers following governing body guidelines

Hopefully yes
niall flynnAug 4 2021, 9:35amHi. When will we know if this race is opening for new registrations?
Cora FentonAug 11 2021, 8:21amHi, Just wondering if you will be taking entries for this run?, kind regards,
derek walshAug 11 2021, 12:23pmWe will and the option should be shortly for you to enter
derek walshAug 11 2021, 12:42pmOpen now for entries, obviously last year's entries are still valid
Cora FentonAug 12 2021, 8:57amLovely thank you, Cora
Stephen NolanAug 12 2021, 10:36pmHi, as this is my first run this year, will my race number be available to collect at registration/sign in?
Robbie WilliamsAug 13 2021, 9:29amYes indeed collect your 2021 number at sign in
Robbie WilliamsAug 14 2021, 7:51amHi Runners

A LOT of you that are registered for Nagles half as a roll over from 2020 will need to validate their 2021 membership by purchasing it now. Any entry with out an active membership is void so can you please buy a membership before Monday.

I am ordering race t shirts Monday and will only order the amount for active members so that we don’t have a load of T-shirt’s left uncollected

Thank you very much

Robbie WilliamsAug 16 2021, 4:15pmThis race will close for entries tonight 6pm
Kevin BoydAug 17 2021, 8:52amI was wondering if there was a map of the new route, Thanks
Colm ThorntonAug 17 2021, 4:28pmHi, I am sorry to ask but wanted to know is there any way to submit a late entry for the Nagles half?

Totally appreciate if there is a hard close as I know it only proves the tayto line that there's always one

I'd happy to be excluded from the t-shirts and could submit registration and membership fees tonight

I'd been eyeing this event up as part of a charity run but only just spotted the entry close for last night.

If there's often late requests and its just not feasible to allow, I totally get it
derek walshAug 17 2021, 8:25pmSorry Colm, we can't facilitate any late entries and too be fair Robbie did give people ample warning regarding this. The Aherlow half is another excellent half marathon which might be worth looking at instead and entries for this should be opening shortly.
derek walshAug 17 2021, 8:33pmKevin, I will look at putting last years route up as a gpx. I was slow to do this as I am seriously considering changing the last kilometer or so for this year as I feel it's a better and faster finish to the race. Needless to say any changes will be marked and I'll discuss it at the race briefing
Colm ThorntonAug 17 2021, 11:04pmHi Derek, totally understand and appreciate the reply. I'll look to other events. Aherlow is a great one but just couldn't make the dates. Enjoy the day in the Nagles!
Christopher MurnaneAug 22 2021, 5:00pmWill the route map be available before the race? Thanks
Darragh WileyAug 22 2021, 10:58pm

Please be aware that Mallow bridge will be closed next weekend
Caroline O SullivanAug 23 2021, 11:02pmHi I’ll register for nagles last year
Am l ok to do Saturday. Still said im registered ??Thank
Caroline o sullivan
Robbie WilliamsAug 24 2021, 2:24pmIf you have an active membership
Stephen O KeeffeAug 26 2021, 3:06pmWill there be aid stations along the course on Saturday. Just wondering with the heat at the moment, how much fluid I need to carry with me .
derek walshAug 26 2021, 5:51pmThere won't be aid stations Steven. However we will probably give the marshals some water in case someone badly needs it. As the weather forecast is looking good for Saturday it is really up to individuals to ensure they carry enough hydration with them.
Hazel stapletonAug 26 2021, 7:28pmDerek, re the cut off times, roughly how many kilometers is the marshal near the mast from the start; and how many kilometers from the finish is the second cut off. Thanks
Stephen O KeeffeAug 27 2021, 5:51amHazel I think the mast is at around the 6km mark and the second one is probably around the 14/15 km mark.
Alan AylingAug 28 2021, 5:57pmCracking course, really well marked. Had a test for everyone - the fire road specialists, the strong climbers, the technical descenders. Conditions got but not too hot. Glad of the 0.5 L water even if the stupid bottle kept escaping from the bumbag.
Thanks Derek & team for a great day!
Vlad LenAug 28 2021, 6:10pmLove the course lots of running, thank you for the race!!!
Jacqueline Le BourhisAug 28 2021, 6:11pmBig Thank You to Derek and all the volunteers today at Nagles!!!

Really enjoyed these hidden forest trails especially the trail at end!!! And those swampy puddles added to the adventure…

Thank you also for those delicious sandwiches at the finish…
derek walshAug 28 2021, 8:20pmThanks lads, glad ye enjoyed it. We'll done today
Hazel stapletonAug 28 2021, 8:41pmAnother enjoyable day with IMRA on the Nagles. Many thanks to Derek and the team for the hard work in organising this event and especially for you care and consideration shown to this old runner.
Francis KellyAug 28 2021, 9:44pmGreat race guys, well done. Definitely had something for everyone.

Thanks to all the organising crew!
Fergal O'ConnorAug 29 2021, 9:19amThanks a million Derek and co for getinf this race on yesterday. The egg sandwiches and coke afterwards realy hit the spot after a tough and fun few hours in the hills.
Fergal O'ConnorAug 29 2021, 9:20amThanks a million Derek and co for getting this race on yesterday. The egg sandwiches and coke afterwards really hit the spot after a tough and fun few hours in the hills.
derek walshAug 30 2021, 11:01amDid anyone find a set of headphones at the race on Saturday. They are earbud style and I just had a runner contact me regarding this.
Derek Walsh
Cora FentonAug 30 2021, 11:12amThank you everyone for a super day on Saturday. Loved it and so well organised. Really enjoyed all the variety in the run and the different challenges along the way. and the little quick chats with others on the course. and fab weather and scenery. and a mighty feed afterwards. what more could you ask for.
Fergal O'ConnorAug 30 2021, 1:43pmHi Derek,
Any idea when the results might be up for the race on Saturday?

derek walshAug 30 2021, 5:18pmHopefully this evening, they were sent in earlier today
Brian FlannellyAug 30 2021, 8:16pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Peter O'BrienSep 4 2021, 9:16amHi . Did the refunds for this race go through. I’m still waiting on mine . Thanks