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Sorrell Hill

Martin BagnallJun 19 2021, 8:40pmHi All,

I need more volunteers for this race please. In particular I need a race marker and laptop operator.

The race details and map pages have been updated with information on the race. registration is online only and will open on Thursday or Friday evening - I'll post an update with the exact time.

There will be an early start and a junior race.

If you haven't already, please familiarise yourselves with the Covid Social Distancing Guidelines linked from the main page of the IMRA website.
Brendan DelaneyJun 20 2021, 1:43pmHi Martin, I'm down as a helper, but I can mark the course and do summit marshall.
Martin BagnallJun 20 2021, 2:04pmPerfect, thanks Brendan.
Laura FlynnJun 21 2021, 10:10pmThis race is now open for purchase and will remain open until 6pm Friday, or until all places are sold, whichever is the earlier.
Brendan DelaneyJun 23 2021, 10:30pmHi Martin, do you have the race marking tape, etc? delaneydotbrendanatgmaildot com
Martin BagnallJun 24 2021, 10:16amHi Brendan, yes, I have the kit - I'll drop you an email later.
Martin BagnallJun 24 2021, 10:21amThanks very much to those who have volunteered to date. I could do with more helpers please.
Roelie SmitJun 24 2021, 4:00pmMartin, I can help.
Martin BagnallJun 24 2021, 4:20pmThanks Roelie, I've added you to the volunteer list.
Martin BagnallJun 25 2021, 12:51pmJust another update ahead of Sunday...

1) Race entry is online only - still places left. Closing at 6pm today.
2) Please don't attend if you are not racing or volunteering.
3) Please don't forget the mandatory kit, i.e. jacket and face mask/covering

The committee has very kindly covered the cost of car parking so you don't need to worry about that.

Thanks again to those who have volunteered - I'll be contacting you regarding duties this afternoon.

Still could do with 2 or 3 more volunteers if anyone else is available...
David A ButlerJun 26 2021, 9:35amHi Martin, what time are junior 14 starting at?
Many thanks David
Aoife MundowJun 26 2021, 10:01amHi Martin,
Are you still looking for volunteers? If so, I'm happy to help out.
Martin BagnallJun 27 2021, 7:39amThanks Aoife, unfortunately I missed your message before now!

David - juniors will start a few minutes after the main race.
grace o rourkeJun 27 2021, 8:01amHi Martin
Darren McKenna Is Injured and cant run. Just wanted to let you know incase that makes a space for anyone that wants to run (not sure if it works like that).
Karl WalshJun 27 2021, 9:11amI have paid for race but wont make it
Caitlin BentJun 27 2021, 11:02amHi Martin. I have volunteered for Sorrell Hill and would love a Marshalling role up on the course, if possible. I could do with the exercise:).
Laura FlynnJun 27 2021, 1:33pmThanks Martin to you and your team of helpers today for a superbly organised race.
Roelie SmitJun 27 2021, 1:37pmAnyone know how to upload photos?
Roelie SmitJun 27 2021, 1:38pmIgnore that question
Conor O'FarrellJun 27 2021, 1:45pmGreat race today. Thanks to Martin and his crew. That last climb aloNg the ride was a bit of a killer, not to mention the endless finishing straight!

Results are up. As usual, please send any queries to
Roelie SmitJun 27 2021, 2:13pmPhotos up. I'll try find a zoom function next time. I can send original hi res pics if anyone wants them.
Brendan LawlorJun 27 2021, 2:34pmThanks Martin and volunteers, great race today

No views of Kildare however !
Steven PettigrewJun 27 2021, 2:39pmGreat route and well organized. Thanks folks.
Martin BagnallJun 27 2021, 5:25pmThanks very much to all the volunteers today for a wonderful job and giving up their time on a Sunday morning to allow an event like this to happen.

Thanks especially to Miriam who had to go Laptop Plan B when the timing mat said no!

Fair play to all those who got up early to run in the middle of nowhere! I hope you all enjoyed the race. Now on to Brockagh...
Daniel EckersallJun 27 2021, 6:41pmThanks to all who organised, first race for me and really enjoyed it. Roelie how can I get the high res photos from you? Thanks
Richard NunanJun 27 2021, 6:57pmThanks Martin, Miriam, Sarah and the volunteer team. So seemless, people looked like there is something they should be doing. Not a Q in site. Great marking on the course also for the Detour. Well done!
Miriam MaherJun 27 2021, 7:19pmLove Sorrell race - whether it’s as a volunteer or a racer - it’s one of my favourite on the calendar. Thanks Martin for bringing it all together. I wanted to give a special shout out to a Fab Four - the Killeen Family. Michelle and Graham have now brought their kids Ellie and Harry around 10 IMRA Junior races over this year and last year. They always look like they have had the best craic while giving it socks all the way. The future is bright with support like that.
Mark BerneyJun 27 2021, 9:15pmThanks again to all involved with facilitating the Sorrell run today. It was my first ever race on the hills and thoroughly enjoyed it so I can't wait for the next one, cheers Mark Berney
Gary Mason81Jun 27 2021, 9:32pmAnother excellent race, great organisation. Thanks to all the volunteers for giving up their morning.
Laurence BriodyJun 27 2021, 9:49pmThanks Martin, Miriam and a great bunch of helpers. Superb race. My first Imra race this year and i loved it. Not been in the mountains for a while makes you realise what your missing. All was going well for me..... until i missed the left turn 1.5k from the finish. Sight was failing due to me under pressure....I went straight on was 2nd questioning myself but fair play Tommy Galvin let a shout out to set me and who followed me on the straight. A quick uturn and powered on. I caught up with Tommy but was burnt at that stage and Tommy powered on..Lost 2 places but thats hill running.. Thanks again all....
James H CahillJun 28 2021, 8:33amThank you Martin and all the volunteers for giving up your Sunday so that we could have a great morning in the hills overlooking Blessington lakes - or at least I assume we were overlooking the lakes, the mist put paid to any views! Its good to be back running in the hills or in my case lumbering in the hills, and thanks to everyone in IMRA for making that happen.
Rosy TempleJun 28 2021, 9:09amA great morning's racing yesterday, loved being back on the hills. Thank you Martin and all of the volunteers for making it happen.
Roelie SmitJun 28 2021, 9:17am@ Daniel, not actually sure how to get a pic to you. New to this as well. Not sure about privacy policies on the IMRA site. Maybe next time you see me at a race I can give it to you then.
Paul SmythJun 28 2021, 7:54pmFound a tick on my arm today. I'm presuming I picked it up from the section along the fence as that's the only place where I was brushing against any vegetation. Anyone who ran yesterday may want to give themselves a quick check in case they've picked one up as well.