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World Mountain Running Championships

Leo MahonJun 17 2021, 5:30pmAfter the very successful opening race in Belmont/ Little Sugerloaf we are announcing PROVISIONAL Trial races for the World Mountain Running Championships
Subject to those races going ahead
80km Trial Race Glendalough Tucker Trail
40km Trial race Ballyhoura Trail Marathon
Classic Mountain Trial race Lug Na Coille
Dates as per IMRA Calendar
More details to follow ASAP
Leo MahonJun 23 2021, 8:19pmThe Ballyhoura Trail Marathon Saturday 24th July 2021 is confirmed as the Trial race for the 40km World Championships. Full details on IMRA event page
Leo MahonJun 25 2021, 10:40amThe Glendalough Tucker Trail on Saturday 14th August 2021 is confirmed as the trial race for the 80km World Championships. Full details will be posted on IMRA event page
Leo MahonJun 25 2021, 10:49amThe Lugnaquila race on Saturday 21st August 2021 as well as a Leinster Championships race will be the Trial race for the Classic World Mountain Running Championships Full details soon on the IMRA event page
Leo MahonAug 15 2021, 6:32pmThe World Mountain Running Championships in November have been moved to a date in February yet to be decided
Our last trial race for the World Classic Mountain Running Championships will go ahead as planned on next Saturday 21/08/2021 within the Log Na Coille race
Because of the Covid situation worldwide and the uncertain times we are in
Those who reach target times in the trial
their times will be honoured for the World championships in February however a race will be organised to test their fitness because of the length of time between trial and championships
In the event ofthe World Championships be further moved to November 2022 There will be fresh trials in 2022
Seán ManningAug 18 2021, 12:08pmDoes anyone know if the world masters mountain running championships will take place in Ireland in 2022 and if there is any proposal on where it might take place.
Leo MahonAug 18 2021, 1:19pmHi Sean
Yes that’s the plan World Masters in Ireland 2022
Tricha and Tom Blackburn are the organisers There was a race in Clonmel last Sunday it was a recce run for the Masters next year
Seán ManningAug 18 2021, 2:47pmThanks Leo. Would be brilliant if it goes ahead. If anyone is running the course id love to do tag along.