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All Wicklow Glacier Lakes attempt

Paul O'CallaghanJun 17 2021, 6:47amI'll be making an attempt at the All Wicklow Glacier Lakes challenge this Friday, 18th June, starting at 8am.

I'll attempt to touch my toe in each of the following 13 lakes:

Lower Lough Bray
Upper Lough Bray
Lough Tay
Lough Dan
Cleevaun Lough
Lough Ouler
Lough Nahanagan *
Lough Ferrib
Lough Finageain
Art's Lough
Kelly's Lough
Loch Lagh (Glendalough upper lake)
Loch na Peiste (Glendalough lower lake)

*Lough Nahanagan is completely fenced around by the ESB, so I'll touch the fence no further than 120m from the waters edge.

The challenge will take in roughly 65km, 2,700m ascent and 2,900m descent.

In line with how Mike Jordan and Liam Vines completed this challenge in 2019, I'll abide by the following conditions:

Start the clock when my toe touches water in the first lake and stop the clock when my toe touches water in the last lake.

Use no public roads.

Use no electronic navigation aids.

Have no logistical support.

Have no support runners.

In the spirit of each runner finding their own route, I won't be publicly tracked. However, for the purposes of transparency, if successful, I'll share my track with Mike and Liam, as the previous successful runners.

Should there be any need of further verification, Aaron Shimmons, of the Denis Rankin Round committee, and Irish Mountain Rounds, has agreed to review my track privately.
Richard NunanJun 17 2021, 8:01amBest of luck Paul - we wont be watching :-)

Glad you found another challenge to keep you occupied ! Lots of growth appearing around those lakes,
Stephen BrennanJun 17 2021, 9:05amAll the best Paul.
Stephen BrennanJun 20 2021, 3:15pm@Paul How did you get on?
Paul O'CallaghanJun 20 2021, 5:16pmThanks guys. The growth has hit the nuisance height alright, but I got a great day out.

I ran it in 9 hours 15 minutes.
Graham K. BusheJun 20 2021, 5:51pmNice one Paul, well done
Gareth LittleJun 20 2021, 7:53pmWell done Paul. That’s a feat achievement of
Gareth LittleJun 20 2021, 7:53pm*great achievement
Aaron ShimmonsJun 21 2021, 1:12pmFun adventure. Well done Paul