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Keith FahyJun 16 2021, 10:15amHello, I left my membership lapse for the last two years, but now I would like to renew. I've forgotten the process. Is the process as follows:

when I purchase an annual membership and purchase a race entry, do I receive my timing clip and race number when I attend my first race?

Laura FlynnJun 16 2021, 10:29amCorrect Keith.
You’ll pick up your number at the first race you attend this year. Bring your old chip if you can locate it and it will be re-programmed for the current year.
If you don’t have your old chip you should purchase a new one which you will collect at same time you collect your number.
As always, hold on to number for year and chip for subsequent years.
If you lose your number or chip you can purchase new ones.
Patrick McGowanJun 16 2021, 11:33amHi Laura, I have not run an IMRA race in a few years and I never had a chip before. Do I also need to pruchase one along with membership?

John O GormanJun 16 2021, 11:44amHI There, i am a brand new member. Do i need to purchase a chip seperatly or will i get that in Bweeng at the weekend. If there is any advice forum for first time runners that would be great also. I have no idea what to expect but Looking forward to it :-)