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Carrauntoohill Classic

Francis KellyJun 15 2021, 9:02pmHi guys!

Great to see the calendar back and fair play to all involved for getting the show back on the road.

It says the start time is 13:00, but the cut off at the zig zags is 12:15. Am I having a super blonde moment or is there something wrong here?

Robbie WilliamsJun 15 2021, 9:05pmYes that’s correct

You must get to the top of zig zags for the race briefing;)

Typo , will change to 2:15
Francis KellyJun 15 2021, 9:11pmSpot on. Thanks Robbie!

I must of read it 5 times. Tired brain here.
Can't wait for this one. It's been on my bucket list for quite some time now.
Kieran RussellJul 1 2021, 2:02pmHi, just trying to find out if there are any mandatory kit requirements for this race. Thanks in advance, kieran
Robbie WilliamsJul 1 2021, 2:26pmPhone

Foil blanket


Face covering
Kieran RussellJul 1 2021, 11:20pmThanks Robbie for the info
Kiera WebbJul 13 2021, 3:58pmHi All. For the family 5k before the classic is there online entry for it or registration on the day? Also what time does it start? Thanks Kiera
Robbie WilliamsJul 13 2021, 4:13pmYes indeed

It’s in this site u see events
Robbie WilliamsJul 14 2021, 10:15pmAll competitors have been sent an email
Andrew MendelsonJul 15 2021, 8:21amHi Robbie,

Nothing's come through; please could you check on your end.
(as a sanity check, I confirmed that my email address is correctly registered)
Andrew MendelsonJul 16 2021, 9:59amAlternatively, if anyone has received the race email, could they please share the salient points.
niall flynnJul 16 2021, 10:53amCarrauntoohill Classic 2021

Welcome all to another year of the Classic at Cronins Yard in Beaufort Killarney. We hope this year will be another good one and we are advised that the weather is going to get pretty warm for the 2021 version.

Here is hopefully all the information you will need to enjoy your weekend or day visit.

On arrival at Cronins please park as directed by the yard workers to spot. €2 must be paid on exiting the car park and this is now a barrier system.
There are toilets available at the rear of the Café if you need them.
Head to the IMRA race field beyond the camping site (signposted).
On entering the registration area we ask that all runners wear their face covering. This is in line with the IMRA covid-19 policy. You may now collect your race number (IMRA 2021 number) if you have not picked it up at a previous 2021 race.

Move along to the sign in table where a volunteer will sign you as entered in the event.

You may leave the race registration area once organised but be sure to wear your covering on return.

MANDATORY KIT is Jacket, mobile phone, foil blanket, and face covering. Runners will not be allowed to race if missing one of these 4 items, no exceptions.

The race briefing is at 12:55 (5 min before race) so make sure to have all kit with you then. The race will start at 1pm sharp and head up the usual route.

1. Alert walkers if approaching from behind and allow for them to make a good decision in terms of movement. They have as much of a right to be there as you. Absolutely no harassment of walkers will be tolerated.

2. We have given our word to the REEKS Forum that there will be absolutely NO DEVIATION FROM CURRENT PATHS. We were complained last year for running off path and this is non negotiable in terms of preserving our good relationship with landowners.

3. Absolutely no littering of wrappers, gels, etc. I know this is never a problem really with imra but just so all know.

Run the path towards the bottom of Devils Ladder, where before reaching the ladders start, you will swing left and follow the markings which will help you to find your way to the Zig Zag path proper.

There will be a time out at the top of the Zig Zags at 2:15pm. Marshals decision here is final.

You must cross Cnoic na Toinne either over the top or on the side shoulder path (if you are stable on your feet) the difference isn’t much as the running is easier over the top and leads to a peaty run off where as the “shorter path” is technical and has a very long fall to the side!

Follow choice of path (kind of 2) to the cross at Carrauntoohill summit where your number will be taken. Now simply descend via the same route.
Please note there is no water on route so runners need to have a responsible strategy of carrying food/water etc. There are marshals throughout the route.
Runners have a habit of trips, and accidents on the “flatter” path leading back to the yard as tiredness sets in and the technical terrain is behind so stay sharp until back at the finish.

On finishing we will take your number and time so make sure it is visible to timekeepers. Don your face covering and head on through the finish tent to collect refereshments. (there may be an Ice cold can of coke and an Eight Degrees Brewers beer waiting for you there .

You must leave your face cover on until you exit the taped area the you are free ! Sambos will be available either at the café or the finish we will let you know on the day.

For those camping please come to the IMRA field where you will find your marked plot.

Please bring sunscreen and if camping bring midge repellent. Be prepared for a hot day and pre and post hydration will also be very important.

Thank you all and we look forward to seeing you all on the day in the Kingdom! Robbie and Team Munster.
Andrew MendelsonJul 16 2021, 11:47amThanks, Niall; much appreciated!
Brian FarrenJul 17 2021, 12:46pmHi, was I imagining things or did I see an early start option mentioned.
Brian FlannellyJul 20 2021, 7:55amResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Eoin Mac MahonJul 20 2021, 9:36amSerious Craic
Andrew MendelsonJul 20 2021, 11:46amThanks to Robbie and his crew for putting on a really fantastic event. The organisation was superb, the volunteers were all amazing, and the weather was brutal, but made for one the clearest, calmest, mildest days you're ever likely to get up top. Despite staggering home an abject and broken man, that was one of my favourite days in the mountains, and I can't wait to come back.
liam lynchJul 20 2021, 12:17pmMany thanks to crew for organising a wonderful day on the mountain. Good humour abounded. The cool beer was very, very welcome!
Barry McEvoyJul 20 2021, 9:59pmRace Report up :)
Thanks to everyone, epic day!
Brian KitsonJul 20 2021, 10:57pmVery entertaining report, Barry. Speedy recovery.
Barry WalshJul 21 2021, 11:02amFantastic report, the highs and lows in a few different ways!

Thanks to all who made last weekend happen, a superb set up and amazing place to be able to run a race - lucky to be able to take part in such an event.
David PowerJul 22 2021, 1:32pmPhotos posted, catching runners on way up and then with heavy legs on way back down. Serious effort by everyone in that heat. Much nicer to be a spectator and swim in the lake. Not too many smiling faces - I understand the feeling.
kieran o sullivanJul 23 2021, 10:19pmthanks all for organizing such a great event-and the extra water was very welcome :-)