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Wicklow Round 11th June

John BellJun 9 2021, 8:29pmHi All, its my time to stop talking about doing the round and to get off the fence (waiting for a perfect weather window). I'm planning on starting at 3pm this Friday 11th June. Before last weekend the aim was anything under 24hrs, now i might have to go out a bit quicker ;-) Best of luck to John & Rory who start before me and Rob who goes out later at night. John
John MollohanJun 9 2021, 9:16pmGood man John. Hope it all goes well. May the bog be with you...
We're leaving at 3am so should back in time to see you off
:-) :-):-)
Brian KitsonJun 9 2021, 9:26pmJohn, just go out there and enjoy your Round and try not to think about all those family occasions that you’ll have to endure if you come up short of 19:53.
Graham K. BusheJun 9 2021, 9:55pmBest of luck John. No pressure then, eh? I'm sure Peter won't hold it over you...
May the weather be good to you I hope all goes to plan.
Gareth LittleJun 9 2021, 11:03pmGood luck, John. You’ll smash it!
Rachel CinnsealachJun 9 2021, 11:23pmBest of luck John. Don't forget to enjoy the experience.
Peter BellJun 10 2021, 10:21amPlease God let it be 19.54.
Best of luck Johnboy, i really really hope theres no fog up there for you.
This is going to be a fun weekend.
Roll on Friday!
Stephen BrennanJun 10 2021, 10:32amHey John, will you keep an eye out for my thumb compass. I left it on a boulder at Oakwood to take something out of my backpack and went off without it! (Luckily I had two spares)

The best of luck. It's an amazing experience, you'll love it.
Gordon PlaceJun 10 2021, 10:35amBest of Luck John!
Brían O'MearaJun 10 2021, 10:47amBest of luck John, enjoy!
Brendan LawlorJun 10 2021, 10:54amBest of luck John !

John and Peter's Dad , Brian Bell was one of the founders of the Wicklow Round
Linda O'ConnorJun 10 2021, 12:22pmVery best of luck John!
Elizabeth WheelerJun 10 2021, 1:07pmBest of luck John! Nothing like sibling rivalry to keep you going!
John BellJun 10 2021, 1:16pmThanks for all.
@John Mollohan, may the dry bouncy bog be with you.
@ Stephen, ill watch ouy for your compass but find the top of Oakwood will be the real challenge.
Uncle Brian Bell assisted by my cousin Rachel are to thank (or blame) for planning the original route.
Brendan LawlorJun 10 2021, 1:28pmApologies John, Peter and Brian for the family mix up.. too many Bells to keep track of !

I'm sure Brian will be cheering you on !
Thomas RocheJun 10 2021, 5:11pmGood luck John, hope it stays clear for you
Jp ByrneJun 10 2021, 10:17pmVery best of luck John, hope all goes well. Enjoy.
Brian FureyJun 11 2021, 12:38pmAll the best John
Lillian DeeganJun 11 2021, 12:41pmKeep 'er lit JB.
Alice ClancyJun 11 2021, 12:47pmBest of luck John!! Hope you have a brilliant round!
Laura FlynnJun 11 2021, 5:18pmThe very best of luck to you John!
Ivana KolaricJun 11 2021, 6:12pmBest of luck John. :) Enjoy.
John CostiganJun 12 2021, 7:11amBest of luck, John! Weather looks good.
Ivana KolaricJun 13 2021, 8:22pmWell done John! :) Enjoy recovery.
Graham K. BusheJun 14 2021, 9:35amGreat running John. Superb Round
still faster...
Conor O'FarrellJun 14 2021, 7:45pmAbsolutely brilliant John. Delighted for you! What an amazing feat!
Stephen BrennanJun 14 2021, 9:51pmBrilliant Round John - fair dues.
Laura FlynnJun 14 2021, 10:54pmBrilliant result John, we’ll done
Thomas RocheJun 15 2021, 6:06pmSuperb Round, well done John