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Juniors at Bweeng Trail

Robbie WilliamsJun 8 2021, 6:06pmThere will be a 3.5km junior race at Bweeng starting at 10.15am

Sign in at 9:30am at race start
Walsh RowanJun 8 2021, 11:03pmRobbie what age group is junior, might have 2 young recruits
Robbie WilliamsJun 8 2021, 11:38pmHi Rowan 10-16 years
Robbie WilliamsJun 8 2021, 11:39pmDon’t hang around !
Only 25 places left
Tom McloughlinJun 9 2021, 10:33amHi Robbie, do they need to be members or can I take along my daughter she is interested in trying it out.
Robbie WilliamsJun 9 2021, 5:27pmHi Tom

Juniors (10-16) must be members