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Wicklow Round

John MollohanJun 4 2021, 1:07pmHowdy folks. Myself and Rory Campbell are planning to have a crack at completing the Round, starting 2am next Friday morning 11th June. Gulp...!!
It's wonderful to see so many people giving it a go this year. Wishing you all the very best of luck. Have fun out there!
Stephen BrennanJun 4 2021, 1:15pmBest of luck lads.
Graham K. BusheJun 4 2021, 1:53pmBest of lock John and Rory, Wow, this is turning out to be a great year for the Round...
I hope it all goes to plan.
Lillian DeeganJun 4 2021, 1:58pmOh be the hokey! This will be a sweet one to follow - fair play lads. Plenty of go go juice JM ;)
Thomas RocheJun 4 2021, 3:47pmGood luck lads
Conor O'FarrellJun 5 2021, 9:18amBest of luck lads. Give it socks!
Linda O'ConnorJun 6 2021, 1:02pmVery best of luck John & Rory. Have a blast!
Robert CostelloJun 6 2021, 1:39pmBest of luck John and Rory.
Peter BellJun 6 2021, 5:50pmGood luck John, enjoy it!
Ciaran CrokeJun 6 2021, 7:17pmGood luck lads! Itching to see how you both get on!
John MollohanJun 10 2021, 5:22pmWe have changed our plans to delay by a day - so now leaving at 3am on Sat morning.
Best of luck Robert and John
Robert CostelloJun 10 2021, 10:25pmGood luck lads. Come catch me!
Brian FureyJun 11 2021, 12:38pmAll the best lads
Ivana KolaricJun 11 2021, 6:05pmBest of luck Robert and John. :) Hope it all goes well.
Ivana KolaricJun 11 2021, 6:08pmSorry Rory... So many people are going out this weekend so I totally mixed up names. :D So best of luck Rory and John.
Peter BellJun 13 2021, 12:00pmWell done Rory and John, you too lads flew that. Great to watch. Congrats and enjoy your recovery.
Ivana KolaricJun 13 2021, 8:20pmFantastic running Rory and John. Congrats! :)
Nigel McCabeJun 14 2021, 9:44amWell done Rory and John..missed youse in the MIST up top....glad it went well for youse..congrats
Graham K. BusheJun 14 2021, 9:50amWell done John and Rory. Around in jig time despite poor visibility in places. Enjoy the recovery.
Rory CampbellJun 14 2021, 4:09pmThanks everyone! We had an interesting day out there...Blessington lakes having completely moved position (Billy Byrne has a lot to answer for) mist & nav induced motion the half-hour+ rasher sausages from John taking time out on &hite Hill to look for (and find!!) Stephen's compass in the heather (what kinda person am I running with?) Andy appearing out of the gloom on Percy's the chats outside Glenmalure Paul carving out a new "parking space" in Glendalough Upper car park (no mean feat!) to the cloon travelling party...We are still buzzing and coming down mentally from the mountains...Total respect esp to the early pioneers of the route...(what were ye thinking?!)...and thanks esp to one of those pioneers, our site-for-sore-eyes-man-in-the-van, Paul Morrisey (Kieran too who we wish luck in his endeavor coming soon)...
John MollohanJun 14 2021, 5:05pmWhat a day!
Such a savage route, such a difficult challenge, and all so wonderful and beautiful. It was a real privilege to do this and with such good company.
And Paul Morrissey! What a crew man! All we had to do was run. Paul did all the driving, all the checkpoint preparation, all the cooking, all the transfers and all the tidying up, with buckets of enthusiastic encouragement all the way. You're a legend chief.
I thought the trig point on Lug was moving in the mist and figured I was halucinating - then it started talking to me... Hi John!! Andy Trafford up on Lug at 7.30am in dense cloud.... You're exactly the kind of lunatic I'd go to battle with bucko. Chris up on Tonlegee!!
Thanks to everyone for all the support. It really makes it all so much easier. And to Richard the Tracker Nunan too.
I'll buzz you about your compass Stephen. Will get your number from Richard.
What a day :-)
Conor O'FarrellJun 14 2021, 7:43pmWell done lads, congratulations! Sounds like an epic few hours that will be discussed for years. Savage running!
Stephen BrennanJun 14 2021, 9:50pmI can't believe you found my compass. Brilliant! Epic Round - can't believe how fast you were.
Thomas RocheJun 15 2021, 6:07pmThat was some pace considering how warm it was, well done lads
Alan AylingJun 15 2021, 11:11pmSo happy to hear of the safe recovery of the compass... we've all been rooting for a happy ending! Even if Stephen was running with the considerable added weight of not one but two spares (how would you be well?!), no doubt the emotional attachment to the primary compass was a strong one... wonderful to hear of its salvation

Oh and a very impressive Round - week done lads!
Great descriptions too!
Paul MahonJun 17 2021, 7:17amSuper performance out there John & Rory :-)
Laura FlynnJun 18 2021, 9:50amCongratulations to you both Rory and John