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Ultra Trail du Wicklow Round

Robert CostelloJun 3 2021, 10:46pmAfter years of avoiding it due to the lack of belt buckles or gilets I have finally decided to give the Wicklow Round a shot.
Nav is not my thing the the Wicklow Mountains are and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single reccie over the last year. Now it's time to put all of the prep to the test...
I plan to start at 2am early on Saturday 12 June with support from a wonderful crew of Trailrunners. Wish me luck!
Graham K. BusheJun 3 2021, 10:54pmBest of luck Rob. Hope you enjoy your Round too.
Michael DowlingJun 3 2021, 11:08pmBest of luck Rob, was nice meeting you out there and I will definitely see you in Glenmalure....
Robert CostelloJun 3 2021, 11:11pmIt wouldn't be an IMRA post without a typo... *but the the Wicklow Mountains
Brian KitsonJun 4 2021, 7:36amRun like you stole something, Rob!!!!
Peter BellJun 4 2021, 7:58amGood luck Rob, just stick with the nav skills i taught you and youll be fine. Looking forward to the day. Youll smash it. We want sub 15.
Tim ChapmanJun 4 2021, 8:36amGood luck big man.
Remember pain is just French for bread!
Donal McMorlandJun 4 2021, 8:38amBest of luck Robert!
Thomas DonohoeJun 4 2021, 8:52amGood luck Rob, hopefully get to do that recce weekend with you at some stage and get your intel... enjoy it!
Lillian DeeganJun 4 2021, 8:55amLoving the lingo Rob :)
Stephen BrennanJun 4 2021, 9:31amGood stuff Rob. Exciting. All the best.
Pól Ó MurchúJun 4 2021, 9:36amAh excellent Rob. Delighted to see you give this a go. Best of luck with it. Look forward to tracking you.

As for the title of the post…love it! :-) Hope the Metal Men aren’t after us now. Is this part of the World Series or at least a qualifier…would explain the numbers rushing for entries this year! :-)
Christopher DunneJun 4 2021, 12:02pmBest of luck Rob.
Sarah BradyJun 4 2021, 2:54pmGreat stuff Rob, should be nice and dry for you by then, best of luck! :)
Jeff SwordsJun 4 2021, 3:37pmI thought you'd be above peer pressure Rob.

Best of luck.
Thomas RocheJun 4 2021, 3:44pmGood luck Rob
Laura FlynnJun 5 2021, 9:33amBest of luck to you Rob
Linda O'ConnorJun 6 2021, 1:02pmBest of luck Rob, hope it all goes well.
Elizabeth WheelerJun 10 2021, 1:10pmBest of luck Rob! May the Nav Gods be with you!
Brendan LawlorJun 10 2021, 1:17pmBest of luck Rob !
Jp ByrneJun 10 2021, 10:15pmBest of luck Rob, hopefully nice clear skies. Enjoy.
Ross FitzgeraldJun 11 2021, 9:23amGo for it Rob, clearing up nicely for you to Nav-a-go. You'll smash it
Brian FureyJun 11 2021, 12:37pmAll the best Rob
Ivana KolaricJun 11 2021, 6:03pmBest of luck Rob. :) Hope it all goes well.
Peter BellJun 13 2021, 12:03pmWhat a recovery, well done Rob!! Delighted for you.
Graham K. BusheJun 14 2021, 9:53amGreat going Rob! You really had to work hard to pull that one off. I'm delighted you did. You've earned a good rest after that. Enjoy the recovery.
Nigel McCabeJun 14 2021, 10:09amWell done not easy in the mist up to Lug...congrats..
Stephen BrennanJun 14 2021, 9:53pmThat was an epic battle. Very entertaining for the spectators. Fair dues Rob - you never gave up.
Robert CostelloJun 21 2021, 4:07pmThanks to all of my IMRA friends for the support both on the day and virtually. I hope my Round kept you all entertained. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and experience but by the end I was looking forward to a few weeks away from the open mountains and a trip to Chamonix in August.
After some double checking and verification, please see below my splits from the day. You will see my Silsean split is reflective of the fact that I dropped down to Billy Byrnes at the first lake then back up to the peak for the craic - between AON and reccies I can't get enough. For Gravale I decided an easterly trip to the Sally Gap was a more interesting route and coming off Lug I thought it would be nice to explore the cliff area before I found the track to Camenabologue.
Race report to follow later in the week.

Rob Costello
Start 02:00
Kippure 02:43
Carrigvore 03:42
Gravale 04:37
Duff Hill 04:59
East Top 05:22
Mullaghcleevaun 05:38
Moanbane 06:18
Silsean 06:55
Oakwod 08:27
Table Mountain 09:20
Camenabologue 09:36
Lugnaquilla 10:36
Corrigasleggaun 11:07
Carrawaystick 11:25
DrumGoff 12:15
Mullacor 13:43
Derrybawn 14:22
Camederry 16:00
Tonelagee 17:20
Scarr 18:54
Knocknacloghoge 20:21
Lugalla 21:03
Djouce 22:27
War Hill 22:43
Tonduff North 23:23
Prince Williams Seat 01:01
Knocknagun 01:14
Finish 01:52