Irish Mountain
Running Association

Reeks Skyline Pre Entry Application

Robbie WilliamsJun 1 2021, 4:50pmHey All...

So glad to be able to get back to racing! I am looking forward to seeing you all at the races. In the mean time can all runners wishing to enter the Skyline please send me your prequalifying races experience.

This race is a no no for beginners. You must be able to navigate competently in the mountains and be skilled on high exposed ridges for extended lengths of time. You must mail experience of similar races with links please to results of same.

Trail running (even ultra) does not qualify as is technically undemanding. This is without a doubt the big one in Ireland. Nothing is higher or harder.

Please send applications to :

Include: Name, Contact number, Races with links.

Please not that application is not entry. Once the entry is open only those with applications sent will be permitted to enter. This is all to make this race as safe as possible.

We will also be requiring volunteers for that weekend if your fitness is not of racing standard but wish to help your fellow IMRA comrades!

Hope to see you all soon.