Irish Mountain
Running Association

Trials for mountain running and trail world championships

Ross ReillyJun 1 2021, 4:26pmIts great to see the calendar Published and to see we will finally get racing again I am just wondering will the trial races for the irish team for the world championships at the different distances be announced later in the week
Laura FlynnJun 1 2021, 4:40pmHi Ross, this is under review at the moment by the high performance sub-committee as there are a number of matters to be considered and decided.
It might be best if email their chair, our HP committee member Leo Mahon, on
Sarah BradyJun 14 2021, 9:39amHi Laura, is there another way to get information about this? I tried the email provided here a couple of weeks ago and haven't had a response. Thanks a mil. :)
Leo MahonJun 20 2021, 2:16pmHi Sarah did not see any emails maybe if you use my email
Sarah BradyJun 21 2021, 9:10amThanks, Leo, all clear now! :)